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Migration to Magento 2 for Savile Row Co

About Savile Row Co


Savile Row Co is a luxury store selling shirts, suits and accessories for men. The store is located in the UK on Savile Row street but it has customers all over the world thanks to the online store. The men shop there for the most exquisite clothing from timeless classic suits to smart casual pieces. Savile Row Co also provides an opportunity to get unique made-to-measure shirts.


Project Overview


Savile Row Co turned to BelVG when looking for ways to improve their online store. Initially, the main goal was to migrate their Magento 1 shop to Magento 2, add some integrations and optimize the performance. The BelVG team successfully migrated all the required data to Magento 2, including modules, such as the one responsible for Custom Shirt Builder functionality. Our designers and frontend developers also adjusted the theme for Magento 2 store. At the same time, we set up Elasticsearch and Trustpilot integration and configured payment integrations, including Amazon Pay and PayPal Express.


Magento-certified developers
PrestaShop-certified developers
Zend-certified developers




Savile Row Co


the United Kingdom





Services & notable features

  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Custom Shirt Builder module
  • Magento 2 theme adjustment
  • Filter configuration
  • Checkout customization
  • Ongoing Magento 2 support


  • Elasticsearch integration
  • Trustpilot integration
  • Amazon Pay, Paypal Express
  • Integration with company’s own ERP system

Migration to Magento 2


When Savile Row Co reached out to us, their shop was on the Magento 1 platform. The company wanted to improve the performance of the website and its overall usability. Magento 1 was no longer scalable enough to satisfy the requirements of the growing online store and load speed started to slow down due to increased traffic.


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Magento 2 Migration Process

The Magento 2 installation

The latest Magento 2 version has been downloaded and installed. In addition, IBM hosting was chosen and a server was set up.

The data transferring

First, together with the Savile Row Co team we choose what data is to be migrated to the new webstore. Then, all the necessary data, including product, order and customer data was transferred.

Theme adjustments

The Magento 1 theme was adjusted to match the functionality of a new Magento 2 store. When working on the theme, all the significant features and overall style were kept unchanged.


Our developers set up integrations used in Savile Row Co M1 store and added several new ones for marketing and payments.

Elasticsearch integration



The Savile Row Co online store contains a large number of product bundles. For example, a pair of trousers and a jacket which can be purchased together as a suit or separately. Because of such products, the search load speed was too low and the results did not always match the entered query.



To solve the problem, our team replaced the currently installed service with Elasticsearch. This internal search engine is able to quickly analyze big volumes of data. The integration resulted in fast and relevant search results.


Filter configuration



In Savile Row Co Magento 1 website, all products that matched the selected filters were displayed in search results, including those which were not available for purchase at the time. As a result, the user could not learn that the product was not available until they opened the product page. It had a negative impact on user experience.


Another issue touched upon URL optimization on filtered pages (category pages). All of the URLs were default and did not add value to the overall website’s search engine optimization.



Our developers adjusted the logic of filters and added a feature that hides unavailable items from search results. We also set up SEO-friendly URLs on category pages. Product colors, sizes, etc. are now specified in URLs. It gives the website some extra points in search engine optimization.


Trustpilot integration



The Savile Row Co team wanted their customers to be able to leave product reviews in their Trustpilot account without leaving their website.



Our team managed Trustpilot integration. When working on this integration, our developers also changed email settings. The current functionality covers sending automatic emails to invite customers to leave reviews, abandoned cart emails and follow-ups for those who made purchases. After a set period of time after the purchase, the user receives a request for feedback. We customize the approach to make the email’s content and its sending time depend on the purchased product and delivery location.

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    Material interested in

    Custom Shirt Builder for made-to-measure shirts


    Besides a large range of ready-made products, the online shop allows customers to request their own made-to-measure shirts and suits. In the Made to Measure section of the website, they can choose design and color and then further personalize the item. The following configurations are available:


    • Body shape
    • Shirt front (whether placket is required)
    • Collar style
    • Pockets
    • Buttons


    At all stages, it is possible to select both colors and styles. When all the steps are complete, the process comes to measurements. Here, it requires logging in or signing up. This functionality is available with the module that our developers migrated from Magento 1 to the new Magento 2 shop and refined it. Our designers also edited its design.


    Gift cards: sync between the website and ERP system


    Savile Row Co wanted to secure the process of gift cards purchasing and using for its customers. Another goal was to enable proper tracking of user activity regarding virtual products.


    For the end users, gift cards are now easy to obtain and can be managed without any interaction with the customer service. When receiving such a gift card, a user needs to add it to their personal account. This step was implemented because initially the system worked in a way that the gift card could be redeemed by whoever entered its details first. Savile Row Co did not consider such an approach secure enough. Now, as the card is registered in the personal account, it cannot be redeemed by others. Then, it remains in the personal account until the expiration date.


    The current gift card functionality is useful for the webstore admin as well. The BelVG team set up data synchronization between the website and Savile Row Co ERP system. It accumulates the information on how the gift card was purchased, when the card was added to the profile, whether it was redeemed and so on. Certain tags are applied to track all the stages of the buying process. All data is filtered and structured and then transferred to the company’s own ERP system.


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    Payment integrations & Checkout customization


    In regarding payment gateways, our team received three main tasks in this project:


    1) Changing the number of steps in Checkout.
    2) Amazon Pay integration.
    3) Paypal integration.


    Our developers expanded the number of steps in Checkout up to 4: login, delivery, payment and completion. We also integrated Amazon Pay and Paypal Express.



    The entire payment process now looks like this


    1) As soon as a customer clicks on the Proceed to Checkout button, they are redirected to the payment page. The first step is Login. Here, the customer needs to fill out an email and select whether they want to create an account or proceed as a guest. Then, the customer can follow other checkout steps or make a one-step checkout with PayPal Express Checkout or Amazon.


    2) The next step is Delivery. It includes filling out the delivery details and choosing a method. The suggestions in the address bar are selectable when a user starts imputing the data but it can also be entered manually.


    3) On the Payment step, a user can redeem a gift voucher, pay by card or use PayPal.


    4) Finally, the last step – Completion – here, the customer is informed that the purchase has been successfully completed. Initially, the card data could not be stored in personal accounts because the Opayo module did not support this feature. Our developers rewrote the module to enable it and now all the data can be stored except for the CVV code.


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    goal 1

    Migration to Magento 2

    Migration to Magento 2 resulted in improved performance, security and usability. Our team migrated all the required tools from Magento 1 and found counterparts in Magento 2 for the ones that were not possible to migrate. All the data was securely transferred.

    goal 2

    Secure gift cards & ERP sync

    The gift cards can be now used safely thanks to the restriction that requires filling in the gift card details in the personal account. The ERP synchronization enables smooth data exchange between all the systems used by the company.

    goal 3

    Improved Checkout & payment integrations

    Our developers customized the Checkout process to add the required extra steps. We also rewrote the payment module to allow customers’ card details to be stored in personal accounts.


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