Savile Row: Custom Theme Development

The home of best men’s tailoring in the UK

The Savile Row Company is a luxurious shop for men, where you can buy shirts, suits and accessories. The business is located in the UK, but thanks to the online store it has clients all over the world. In the shop you can find the most exquisite men’s apparel from timeless classic style to smart-casual attire. The store provides the possibility to get a unique made-to-measure shirt, which means that you can design your own shirt and choose any color and style according to your personal preferences. The elegant clothing in Savile Row can be a wonderful gift for any holiday that you can present to your friend or a relative.


When searching for the ways to upgrade their website, Savile Row found our BelVG ecommerce agency and asked us for help. First of all, their aim was to migrate their Magento 1 based store to Magento 2, add some integration and optimize the performance. Our BelVG team of software engineers managed to add Megamenu module, Country selection Pop-up and designed a footer in accordance with the goals of the customer. Besides, our devoted team managed to add traffic monitoring and optimize the performance of the internal search engine.


Migration to Magento 2 


Savile Row asked us to help them in such a complex task as migrating their website to the more advanced Magento 2 platform. This was the right decision since Magento 1 is a pretty outdated platform that has a lot of vulnerabilities. No more security patches and updates are issued for Magento 1, so migrating as soon as possible is highly advisable for every merchant.


First and foremost, BelVG Magento certified software engineers migrated the default Magento components such as products, product attributes, CMS pages and static blocks, orders and customer accounts. After successful migration of this data, we removed the information that was not enabled by Savile Row and finally all the components of the Magento 1 online store were completely replaced.


Magento 2 Integrations


In order to enhance the functional potential of the Savile Row online store BelVG seasoned professionals introduced innovative extensions and integrations. First of all we added a module Nosto which provides online sellers with a unique opportunity to deliver a highly personalized shopping experience to the clients. Then a fraud protection extension Riskified was added to reach the advanced level of security. Afterwards, LiveChat was installed to make interaction between the Savile Row company and their clients easier.


Such extensions as eBay and Amazon helped the company increase the brand awareness and expand all over the world. Besides, Elucid integration and Ometria extensions were added providing the possibility of multichannel shopping and more detailed customer personalization, as well as Google Tag Manager. The possibility to make payment in Euro and Australian dollars was added with the help of the multicurrency Amazon Pay version.


Web Design for Magento 2


When the Savile Row company asked BelVG to help them with their Magento ecommerce website, they had a specific design on their mind which they intended to implement. The primary objective of our designers was to study the prototype and suggest possible improvements. Our mature experts created an outstanding design for mobile, desktop and tablet resolutions for the home page, as well as for product, category and checkout pages enhancing the appearance of the online store. What is more, the BelVG team of talented professionals managed to perform excellent services of Magento development, bug fixing and website optimization, enhancing the performance and increasing conversion rates.


Having created the ultimate version of web design, our designers managed to develop a remarkable theme on the basis of the standard Magento 2.3 Lumia.  Thanks to the experienced certified developers a new custom Magento theme was implemented on the webstore. We created a UX-friendly template in accordance with Savile Row’s design and made shopping on the website more exciting. A custom theme is compatible with a wide variety of devices from smartphones and iPads to desktops of different resolutions. A branded responsive theme is a guarantee of a unique approach towards your online store development, which leads to more customer satisfaction.


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