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Return2Health is an online retailer of supplements for anyone concerned with taking care of their health. Headquartered in New Zealand, the company delivers their products worldwide. Providing health products since 2003, Return2Health sells and promotes the most trusted Natural Health Brands of the highest pharmaceutical grade. With thousands of natural products and supplements for health and beauty care in their catalog, the company’s primary goal is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Together with helping everyone of various age, stage and gender return to health naturally, the company also invests part of its revenue into unbiased medical research seeking to reduce the rates of serious diseases. Return2Health is not only Australasia’s preferred online store for health and beauty products, but also a credible online blog focused on health tips.


Magento Backend Audit


Starting a development process can be confusing and require a website audit to find out the room for improvement. This is exactly the process we followed at the beginning of our collaboration with Return2Health. They had been running a Magento-based online store for several years and were looking for opportunities to optimize and refine their website. With extensive experience in Magento development, we evaluated the company’s website core from all angles. We performed a detailed code review which allowed us to assess the website and find bottlenecks. We delivered to Return2Health a website audit complete with technical recommendations that they should follow to move their online store to the next level and provide clients with the best shopping experience online.


Magento Frontend Audit


A website is much more complicated than just the pages you see and interact with. Every component of the online store matters and influences the site speed and performance. Website code is essential but not the only thing to review to provide a comprehensive audit. Based on our broad experience in e-commerce development, we not only inspect the code but also pay special attention to the frontend review. Everything from fonts and styles to CSS and JavaScript was explored to find opportunities for improvement and optimization. Audit-based changes allowed Return2Health to speed up their online store significantly, improving the ranking and making the website compatible with all browsers.


Magento Design Audit


Magento provides its clients with unlimited design opportunities and allows them to create an online store customized for any products. Have you ever thought about how effectively you use Magento design potential? As a webstore manager, you are familiar with every button and every tap your website has. But how do your customers interact with your website? Do they find its design consistent and clear? A website design audit is an excellent opportunity to find answers to all of these questions and Return2Health took it to make their store even more user-friendly. With an eye on the latest UI / UX design trends, BelVG reviewed the website and suggested solutions to make it modern and balanced.


Magento Speed and Optimization


A website audit alone does not make your store better, but it does provide you with numerous opportunities for improvement. Being a highly flexible and configurable platform, Magento allows its clients to optimize their online stores in various ways. Using an in-depth review of the website BelVG performed, Return2Health found out issues with their Magento store and drew up a plan of action to improve it. Together we optimized the code, refresh the design, and touched up the website. All the changes we have made allowed us to improve and speed up the store and make it an excellent place for online shopping.

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