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Custom dental solution for bright smile

Unforgettable impression? That’s what REMI is all about. Founded in 2019, the brand became widely recognized in the US and Europe. They provide top quality whitening trays, gels and night guards for perfect smiles of their customers. Moreover, for those who want all at once, REMI offers a custom whitening kit and a guarantee on all its products. Rest easy, REMI will make your smile brighter.


Striving to empower customer experience, REMI was looking for a Shopify expert. Having chosen BelVG, they made the right decision due to our years of Shopify experience and passion for ecommerce. When we started our partnership, REMI already had a website, but it required lots of fixes and improvements. Their online store had many gross solutions and hard coded features. So, our goal was to rewrite their custom solutions using Shopify best practices. The BelVG team has not only fixed the website, but also integrated REMI with Lucky Orange Heatmap and other tools. We also redesigned their webstore and added Justuno Shopify Integration with Pop Ups to make it more eye-catching and informative for customers. After our work, REMI got a faster website with loading speed up to 75%, and increased an average order value by 27%.

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Shopify Theme Redesign


Don’t lose your customers due to a boring and useless website. Users leave the website if they aren’t easy to navigate and don’t provide the needed information. Following the latest trends, the BelVG designers and developers found a way to solve such problems for REMI. Their website needed more content and pages, so we created anything they want to match their existing online store and improve site navigation. To level up their customer experience, we provided REMI with Justuno Pop Ups. Unlike many other pop-ups, Justuno delivers only useful information without being annoying; it segments the audience following advanced targeting rules allowing to deliver the most personalized pop-ups to each customer and user. With this solution, we created AI Popups for Lead Capture and Exit Offers suitable to their web design.


To stay the leader among your competitors, you need to empower your website all the time. BelVG understands the importance of this, so we always follow the latest ecommerce solutions and ideas to help our customers reach their business goals.

Shopify Integration


Want extended functionality? Integrate your Shopify store with multi-functional solutions for ecommerce with BelVG. Following the goal to increase conversion rates, we provided REMI with CRO tools. What for? Using the tool, you don’t need to be an expert in marketing. A CRO tool analyzes data about each customer and improves the website’s work. Such tools test page loading speed, run A/B testing, track users actions on websites and many more. To level up customer experience, we integrated REMI with Lucky Orange for customer behaviour tracking. The solution allows seeing what people are doing on websites’ pages and interacting with them in real time. What is more, now REMI can enjoy Yotpo integration – a social widget to read and post reviews. Using this tool, REMI can show customers that they care about their experience, collect data, and change their services and products if their customers note any problems.


Integrating your Shopify store with any solution, hire experienced specialists who can guarantee high quality work. Our developers know how to integrate any business tool and let it work together with your website’s functionality.

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Custom Shopify Development


Need a unique solution? Choosing custom Shopify development, you get a website with a tailor made functionality for your brand. A website loaded with unnecessary features is a problem for its owner. Provide developers with your requirements, and get a deam solution – layout, fonts, colors – everything is done to enhance your ecommerce business. To make the REMI website be on top, they decided to join the Amazon community. They use Amazon Payments to provide customers with the simplest way to get their orders and pay for them as fast as possible. REMI also uses Klaviyo – a marketing automation platform. Klaviyo is a must for any business owner who wants to communicate with its customers at ease. Using the solution, you can inform your customers about any deals and discounts, report them about the delivery and many more.


Make your website stand out among competitors. Experienced BelVG team can create your business according to your plan and make it unique. The latest technologies, certified developers, and creativity – that is BelVG.

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