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Maintenance of three PrestaShop websites for Polet-si

About Polet-si


Polet-si is a Slovenian web agency specializing in website optimization. Their main field of expertise is SEO, advertising, and website creation.


Project Overview


They turned to BelVG in 2021 asking to support three PrestaShop websites. Each website is on a different version of Prestashop:


  • Prosports is on PrestaShop 1.6
  • Fortrade is on PrestaShop 1.5
  • Furniture123 is on PrestaShop 1.7


Two websites had integration with the Odoo ERP system that needed optimization and Furniture123 was synchronized with Fortrade.


The BelVG developers maintained three websites. We configured the import of products from the Odoo ERP on two versions of PrestaShop, upgraded the Prestashop version of one of the websites, and worked with speed optimization. We also regularly fix bugs and make improvements to the code.








PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

Services & notable features

  • Long-term support of three websites
  • PrestaShop update
  • Module installation
  • Bug fixing


  • Configuration of the ERP integration

Configuration of the ERP integration on all websites


Two of the three websites came to us already synchronized with Odoo, but the client wanted to implement that integration on the third website and make some adjustments for all stores.


Our task was to implement this integration for Prosport, configure it, and add features like import reports and transformation of simple products into product combinations.


First, we researched the synchronization with Odoo on Fortrade and implemented the code to the Prosport website. Then we started working on adjustment of this integration.



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PrestaShop product combinations

Transformation of simple products into product combinations


The issue with ERP integration is that it classified product variations such as color or size as different products, but in PrestaShop these variations are classified as entities of one product. While importing these products from the ERP system, they are displayed in PrestaShop as products on separate product pages.


We created a feature that allows the store admin to make product combinations from these simple products imported from the Odoo ERP. They can enter the product through the admin panel, choose a parent product and save it as a variation. While saving, the system deletes an initial simple product and creates a combination with all needed information such as price and pictures. Also, the admin doesn’t have to create a parent product, they can choose any simple product and save it as a parent.


The process is reversible. If the admin made a mistake while transforming the product into a combination they could roll back all the changes and fix the issue. As we configured the system so that all data are saved in the database. We implemented this feature on Prosport (PrestaShop 1.6)

Polet-si Import Report

Import report for PrestaShop Odoo integration


The client asked us to implement a feature that allows sending a notification when the product import from ERP is complete. During the import process, the system collects and processes data about imported products, detects errors, and sends this information to the email of the store admin. The report includes information about both successfully imported products and errors that could occur during the import process.

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    Material interested in

    Speed optimization and bug fixing for Furniture123


    When the website came to us, its Google Page Speed Score was low. It impacted the website’s SEO and user behavior. The Polet-si agency asked our team to work on speed optimization and make the site faster.


    First, we did research, which showed that almost all PrestaShop build-in optimization features were disabled. So we enabled them:


    • Smart cache for CSS and JavaScript
    • Apache optimization
    • MemCache
    PrestaShop Speed Optimization

    After we enabled and configured all the optimization features, we found out that it had only a minor effect on the Google Page Speed, that is why the client asked us to configure Cloudflare, which helps with caching and static content optimization. We configured it and got a better speed load.


    The Furniture123 website also had issues with the import of the product pictures. Every product that got into the import list had its data, including media content. With each import, the product pictures were uploaded to the website’s media library, without deleting the old ones. That is why after each import the amount of data increased drastically, which caused problems with hosting. We detected a problem, and wrote a script so the system deleted unused duplicated files after each import. Product import now runs smoothly.

    PrestaShop Speed Optimization

    Ongoing support of the websites


    On an ongoing basis, we continue to support websites: fix bugs, improve some features, and update modules.


    One of the tasks was to update PrestaShop on the Prosport website to the latest PrestaShop 1.6 version. Usually, such upgrades are easy and fast, but some problems with module compatibility can appear. To ensure everything works correctly, we first updated the system on the test environment. We updated the Prestashop itself and all the modules we could update. Then we checked the overrides to make sure they were compatible with the changes in the core files. We fixed small issues and moved the changes to the live server.

    PrestaShop website support

    We also installed and configured some modules for Fortrade, Prosports, and Furniture123. They include:


    • Module for displaying videos on the product page
    • Module for exporting product data in different formats
    • ps_facetedsearch module for correct product sorting on the page


    Due to the specifics of the website’s code, we had to configure each module individually to avoid compatibility issues.


    We still support Prosport, Furniture123, and Fortrade, implement new features, maintain Odoo integration, and fix bugs.

    PrestaShop website maintenance
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