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Migration to Magento 2 for PLNDR

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PLNDR is the largest online discount streetwear store providing shoppers with apparel, footwear and accessories from such brands as Puma, Levis, Adidas, Calvin Klein Jeans, Converse and many others. Founded in 2000, the store offers sales that make fashion available to everyone. The company follows a members-only approach and provides customers with exclusive and flash offers. The PLNDR team works to transform the traditional shopping experience. What is more, being not only an online store but a community of young stylish people, PLNDR launched a mobile app that thousands of people use today.


The PLNDR asked BelVG to improve the performance of their website. We migrated their online store to Magento 2, managed RetailOps ERP system and other integrations, added Fastly and Nextopia to speed up the webstore. Besides, the ecommerce website has New Relic dashboard to keep an eye on application health and Zaius for marketing automation and customer data tracking. DoubleClick.Net tool is implemented by the merchants for advertising and Zendesk email hosting helps organize, prioritize and engage with others on support requests. The website uses Rackspace web hosting, Amazon web hosting, Fastly hosting.

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Migration to Magento 2


PLNDR, Karmaloop and Kazbah together make up the Karmaloop family that has belonged to Shiekh Shoes since 2016. The lead company was looking for ways to bring a fresh perspective to PLNDR’s website. Already having a successful experience with BelVG, Shiekh Shoes trusted our development team to migrate PLNDR custom .net websites to the Magento 2 platform. To ensure the migration with no data loss, we had to overcome several challenges.


All the customer’s passwords were stored via encryption. We updated the system to comply with the previous version of the website to avoid the hashing issue. One more difficulty was related to the website’s links: since the online store had a number of previously created URLs, we managed many manual redirects to new URLs. To optimize and speed up the process, we developed a special extension. As a result, PLNDR got a brand new Magento 2 website, while saving all data and users in the process.

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Magento Integration


Thriving online stores go well beyond the standard Magento functionality. Despite the fact that Magento has numerous default features and opportunities, third-party integrations are what every business needs to make the website more unique and user-friendly. To that end, BelVG expert developers integrated RetailOps ERP system into the Magento 2 website. Numerous integrations were utilized to streamline the shopping experience and make the online store more easy-to-use than before.


For instance, we added a Facebook login opportunity to simplify the registration process. We also integrated Nextopia software – as this tool enables quick and accurate search via the online store. Once the customers find the necessary product they can add it to the wishlist or send it to friends as we added social sharing buttons to every product page.

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Magento Speed Optimization


Being part of the Shiekh Shoes company, PLNDR shares its core values. In this case, a fast-loading responsive online store was the primary goal. Besides, being a time-limited sales provider, PLNDR cannot operate a slow website. Together with our client, we spent lots of time optimizing and speeding up the website.


Thus, we used Fastly as a proxy server to cache and deliver Magento content faster. We also implemented requests caching to improve IP catalog performance. It permitted the processing of standard Magento requests three times faster than before. The front end of the website was also fully optimized. Afterwards, the online store became more efficient and fast-loading.

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