PLNDR is the largest online discount streetwear store providing shoppers with branded items such as HUF, 10 DEEP, Pink Dolphin, Billionaire Boys Club. The store is distinguished by bringing carefully crafted sales that make fashion available to everybody.


Mobile responsive





PLNDR, Karmaloop and Kazbah together make up Karmaloop family that now belongs to Shiekh Shoes. As the lead company had successful experience in collaboration with BelVG, they choose us to bring PLNDR custom .net websites to Magento 2 platform.


After discussing the project, we highlighted main tasks:


  • migrate data and users;
  • implement custom design;
  • speed up catalog performance.




Magento 2 migration is not an easy process, especially when we are talking about big online stores with thousands of products and pages. That’s why we decided to divide the work into segments to ensure that we didn’t miss a thing.



The catalog along with products, descriptions, images, categories, subcategories was seamlessly imported from the current system through the API. The system was integrated with Retail OPS: we receive products without feeds from the system and import them. At the same time, order details data is sent to the Retail OPS system.


When transferring the customers’ data and orders, we faced the hashing issue. All customers’ passwords were stored encrypted, so we had to get the system redone to comply with the previous version of the website.


There are two famous shipping methods used on the website: UPS service and USPS delivery. In addition, we implemented shipping restrictions that limit shipping based on customer groups or by state, product attributes, weight, order total.



Magento cache is stored in Redis cluster. Besides, Fastly is a service which allows caching and delivering Magento content faster and used as a proxy server. Moreover, the service can be considered as CDN, cloud Firewall, and additional load balancer.


Requests caching helps to improve IP catalog performance that allows processing standard Magento requests 3 times faster.


To improve the search menu on the website we implemented Nextopia. This tool enables quick and accurate search via webstore that helps to turn shoppers into regular buyers.


Moving webstore to Magento 2 platform we faced some difficulties. Since the website got other URLs before, we had to make many redirects to new URLs manually. In this situation, much time and efforts were needed. To receive this problem we developed a special extension to automate this process.


Front end
The distinctive feature of the web store is that the website is not based on the default theme, otherwise, it’s completely custom including the menu. The product page is also custom and characterized by such options as zoom, color switch, custom size, cart popup and custom header checkout. Front end part has been fully optimized that includes js and speed.


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