Magento Version Upgrade for Pacific Stereo

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Pacific Stereo is the producer of top quality mobile audio products that was established in 1991 in sunny Riverside California. Since then the business has expanded and now it includes Mission Viejo and Woodland Hills, CA. Being an expert in top quality mobile audio products, the company offers same day delivery service to their clients. Pacific Stereo provides their clients with various car, motorcycle, powersports and marine solutions. Top-notch products allow you to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone for apps, hand-free calling, play your favorite media from apps and MP3 to CD and DVD, stream your favourite video sources and use navigation system to find your way around town and traffic, as well as experience high fidelity sound with a premium audio system. Besides, devices possess detection characteristics that protect you from police radar and speed traps, being secure and safe to use.


Pacific Stereo asked our BelVG high-profile software engineers to improve the performance of their ecommerce website and take it to the next level. To enhance the functionality and take the online store to the next level of development, several valuable services were provided by our team of seasoned coders. The major services that were performed by our company were JavaScript integration and Magento version upgrade. In addition, our mature developers managed to successfully resolve issues with customer account order display and order confirmation of emails. Afterwards, the performance of the online store was improved increasing the customer satisfaction and improving their shopping experience.


Magento Version Upgrade


The Magento ecommerce platform of Pasific Stereo was upgraded to the latest version by our devoted team of professionals. The website uses Zaius marketing automation and customer data tracking platform that lets the merchants personalize experiences for anonymous visitors, generate repeat purchases, and curate the most relevant content to keep customers loyal.


In order to keep an eye on application health and availability while monitoring the real user experience New Relic is implemented. To prevent fraud and charge back solutions, Riskified is used. With LiveChat software it is easier to talk to the visitors and convert them into active buyers by means of live communication.


Magento Integration


Our Magento certified developers successfully performed JavaScript integration in the Pacific Stereo. On the ecommerce website PayPal Checkout is used that enables customers to conduct payments via PayPal. PayPal Checkout comes with PayPal Button that introduces the most relevant online payment methods to the shoppers. PayPal Express Checkout makes it easier for merchants to take payments from customers. With Sendgrid cloud-based email infrastructure you can easily create transactional emails and manage email delivery in an efficient way.


The PayPal Marketing Solutions instrument used to increase the sales offer PayPal Credit, Fast Checkout and Venmo Accept options. As the Advertiser Tracker Moat metrics system is used that helps the client with identifying advertising activities that continuously drive growth for business by providing an exhaustive report of campaign performance across channels, formats and platforms.


Magento Support


Our talented professionals have successfully resolved several issues that the ecommerce website encountered. First of all, bugs in the customer account order display were resolved. Then we fixed bugs in order confirmation of emails improving the customer satisfaction. AddThis ecommerce tool is implemented to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase sales and capture leads, as well as to effectively segment the audience based on the number of new and returning clients, devices, geo, and social sources to drive engagement. By creating custom messages you are enhancing the customer experience which results in a higher site engagement and increased conversions.


As a tool for content delivery Amazon CloudFront is used. It integrates easily with other Amazon Web Services to give both software engineers and business owners an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency and high data transfer speeds. X-XSS-Protection is used as a HTTP header that lets domain toggle on and off the “XSS Filter” which prevents some categories of XSS attacks. Besides, the website is compatible with various mobile devices.




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