Oxid Development for Mc Jeans

The best-selling jeans brand in Switzerland

Mc Jeans are the best-selling jeans brand in Switzerland. The company successfully caters to the needs of clients offering a wide selection of high-quality jeans, pants, jackets, sweaters and other fancy clothing items. What is more, you can always find favorable discounts on their online store.


Mc Jeans turned to BelVG to find the best ecommerce solutions for their website. The company was searching for experienced software engineers to improve the Frontend of their Oxid online store. The BelVG seasoned coders managed to complete this task successfully. The Mc Jeans website uses SALESmanago marketing automation software and DoubleClick.Net tool for advertising. Besides, Zendesk email hosting helps to organize, prioritize and engage with the customers on support requests and several payment gateways such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal facilitate the easy checkout process. Hetzner web hosting is implemented as a German-based dedicated and virtual hosting running on 100% green energy. The online store uses Amazon web hosting and Apache web server.


Oxid Audit


Before starting any ecommerce development project, it is of pivotal importance for the developers to check the performance of the website. A comprehensive audit is needed to identify the vulnerabilities of the system and specify the ways how to improve them. In the case of Mc Jeans the main sphere that required upgrading was Frontend of their online shop.


BelVG Oxid developers had to ensure that Frontend of the ecommerce website was developed properly. We managed a thorough audit and prepared a detailed report afterwards. In the report we highlighted the issues that had to be improved and the ways to complete those tasks. After the list with the Frontend fixes was ready, we understood the drawbacks and had a specific plan for the development.


Oxid Frontend Development


Online shops offer plenty of opportunities for the sellers to expand globally and provide their services to a wider audience. Frontend development is considered to be one of the major factors that has an impact on the clients’ impression which can affect customer satisfaction and, as a result, sales growth. If the ecommerce website has a user-friendly and attractive frontend, the customers are more inclined to stay on the website longer and purchase the products they need.


Our Oxid experts made sure that the website frontend correlates with the brand philosophy of Mc Jeans. The company’s desire was to maintain a special vibe that reflects their idea of the perfect online store. First of all, we delivered frontend services to the home page of the online store, namely to the header, footer, static blocks and their position on the page. Then, we configured the way that products, categories, menu and quick view option are displayed on the website. Besides, we paid attention to the product page, search option, cart, checkout, login and registration page.


Oxid Support


If you want to get more profit from your online store, you should ensure that your customers do not abandon the website because of its poor performance and security issues. Mc Jeans reached out to the BelVG Oxid development team to get high-quality support services to make their ecommerce website more reliable and implement the latest security patches.


Our primary goal was to fix any existing technical problems, offer troubleshooting services and protect the system against fraud and hacker attacks. It is extremely important to provide first-rate security for all data including customers’ details, orders and products in your store. Clients are more inclined to stay loyal to your brand and make more purchases if they are totally satisfied with the quality of your online store’s performance.



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