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X-Cart Development for Outsy

About Outsy


Outsy is a brand of stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture from the USA. Their main goal is to make the house’s exterior as comfortable as the interior. The company is committed to the Rich Content approach, trying to provide its customers with as much information as possible on the website.


Project Overview


Outsy turned to BelVG in 2022, asking us to implement a custom design they made for the shop. Their wish was to stay on the X-Cart platform as they had already had a successful experience with the system on another project.


We accepted the job, although X-Cart didn’t support some of the necessary changes. Our developers decided to extend the platform functionality and let the client work with the platform they were used to.


At first glance, it seemed that some of the job had already been done, and we only needed to tweak some things a bit. But when we got to work, it turned out the design was not connected to any backend, and we had to build the website almost from scratch.


Besides custom design implementation, we extended the functionality of the X-Cart admin panel, optimized the media, and customized some modules.

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Services & notable features

  • Custom design implementation
  • Feature development
  • Performance optimization
  • Bug fixing and support

Content Optimization


The idea of the new Outsy design is built around high-quality content, especially visual one. That is why a lot of work was involved in customizing of the X-Cart admin to allow managing the Media efficiently.


Among the most noticeable features are:


  • Opportunity to add a video. The default X-Cart admin panel does not allow adding videos to most pages. But the Outsy design includes a lot of high-quality video content on the home page, product page, and categories. That is why our team wrote a module that expands the possibilities of the admin panel. Now the customer can implement any video without constantly using the developer’s help.
  • Videos for hero banners. Two videos are automatically played on the main page. They change depending on the user’s cookies. The user sees one video on the first website entry and another when entering for the second time.
  • Image conversion to WebP format and videos to WebM format. These formats are more modern and allow better optimization of all high-quality content Outsy has.


We also added some blocks on each page to output necessary information: product schemes, and sliders.

Outsy Content Optimization

Custom Product and Category Page


The design of the whole website is custom and made from scratch, this is why we encountered some difficulties while implementing it, as X-Cart did not allow us to display information the way our customer wanted by default.


Starting from the category page, we made a simple but significant change to the page by shortening the name of each product so that the page remains appealing. The full product name is long and contains 50-70 characters, which could look poor on the category page. So our developers set up a feature that displays only the name of the collection the item belongs to. You can see the full name when hovering the mouse over the short one.


The product page is more customized. When you open it, you instantly see a video of the relevant furniture set. Our developers had to expand the possibility of X-Cart to implement this feature, as initially, X-Cart didn’t allow adding videos to the product page. We have set up the functionality so that the video is shown first in the content carousel and played automatically.


We also added the schematic image block to the admin panel that is located right under the first screen. We adjusted them to be displayed as a slider.

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Outsy Related Products

Related Products Blocks


The product page also contains the block with related items from the same collection to complete the design. And block with elements that can be customized, for example, if there are two variants of table legs.


By default, these blocks are basic in X-cart, and you can’t add any content to them. We reworked the admin panel to allow adding pictures to these blocks. Also, when you click on one of these related products, the price is recalculated to include the add-on. We built this feature from scratch.

Outsy Support

X-Cart Support


We still work with Outsy on this X-Cart project. Besides building significant features, we also perform minor changes for better UX. Here are some of them.


  • Implementation of Where to Buy block. The block is common for all product pages and allows showing links to different marketplaces where you can find Outsy furniture. The admin can upload the logo and link to the marketplace, as well as remove it.
  • Email inventory setting. It is an automatic email notification for the dealers about the quantity of furniture remaining in stock. The store admin can add emails to the list and change the mailing frequency.
  • Possibility to hide the mini cart and Add to cart button. It was important for the customer to go live with the product catalog but switch off the opportunity to buy online for the initial period. Because of that, we implemented a feature that allows the store manager to hide the mini cart when needed.


As a result, Outsy now has a stylish website corresponding with their idea and brand image. The admin panel allows adding any needed information, and a substantial amount of video content does not slow down the website’s loading speed.

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