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Food and grocery products

Nuko is a Latvian online supermarket offering top-quality products from leading Latvian and world manufacturers. The range of goods includes fresh food, farm products, goods for children, beauty products, pet goods and much more. Nuko’s mission is to offer Latvians a modern way of shopping for food and everyday goods.


Our cooperation with Nuko started when they wanted to improve their Magento store by adding several new features. After all the enhancements, the store functions smoothly and has a few advanced solutions that improve customer experience. Today, Nuko’s online shop is powered by a range of top-notch features. One of those is Gemius, which is a powerful audience measurement tool. It provides cutting-edge analytical tools to optimize online advertising campaigns. Partner programs can be created and managed efficiently due to Post Affiliate Pro. Besides, the Facebook Pixel integration helps to track visitors’ activity, measure ad performance and identify audience segments for targeted ads. Digital advertising tools include AdOcean and DoubleClick.Net. Moreover, the Miligen platform provides email marketing automation tools for creating, delivering and tracking emails. Thanks to PayPal Button and Express Checkout, the payment process is seamless and secure. Nuko’s Magento store is running on the nginx 1.10 proxy server.


Magento multilanguage


Magento is one of the most flexible ecommerce platforms that offers great customizations features. Among those features, translating your website into multiple languages can be extremely useful, especially, for businesses that want to go global or work for different markets. In this case, a multilanguage store can satisfy visitors’ expectations, boosting traffic and sales.


Having a multilanguage store is particularly significant for European countries where several languages are widespread. Cooperating with Nuko, we realized the importance of translating their online store into multiple languages, since their target audience might prefer different languages: Latvian, English or Russian. Now, as the store offers multiple language options, Nuko can reach larger audiences and grow sales efficiently.


Filter configuration in Magento


As a robust ecommerce platform, Magento allows to turn almost any idea into a working feature. Adding custom functionality can help companies unleash their stores’ potential and attract more clients. Unique features can not only help surpass clients’ expectations and increase customer satisfaction, but also reflect brand identity and help your company stand out from competitors. That is exactly what Nuko wanted to do.


When we started working together, one of the main requirements was to make the store more user-friendly. For this purpose, we decided to implement an advanced search filter. The BelVG developers adjusted a powerful filter on product pages according to different variables such as price, date and relevance. Thanks to this custom feature, website search became more convenient and Nuko’s customers can easily find any product they wish.


Magento speed optimization


Paying special attention to website optimization can improve a company’s competitiveness greatly. Fast loading speed serves for greater user experience, since the store becomes easier-to-use and more user-friendly. If some pages don’t load quickly enough, this may lead to customer dissatisfaction and even loss of clients. Besides, website optimization directly affects search engine ranking, which can result in either traffic reduction or, on the contrary, conversions boost.


Nowadays, there is intense competition among online food stores. Taking this into account, the BelVG developers realized that Magento speed optimization was a necessity for Nuko. Due to extensive background in Magento development, we were well aware how to improve website’s speed. The BelVG team fully optimized the store’s front and back end. We reviewed source files, minified frontend code and adjusted caching processes. As a result, Nuko’s store was working much quicker, which helped to improve shopping experience and enhance the website’s ranking in search engine results.


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