PrestaShop support for Newark Dental Pemco

Dental equipment and furniture

Newark Dental-Pemco is a dental supply company based in the US. The range of products that company offers includes high quality dental supplies, equipment and cabinetry. All of the products are made of the best materials, ordered from the most extensive dental supply manufacturers and available at reasonable prices.


Newark Dental-Pemco asked the BelVG team to solve issues with their server. Our developers detected the problem and found the solution. Today, Newark Dental-Pemco’s PrestaShop store is running correctly and is based on a lot of cutting-edge solutions. The MailChannels platform provides secure email automation. It helps businesses manage email communications avoiding spam. As for the website frontend, Nivo Slider helps to create stylish sliders that can be customized with various designs and transition effects. What is more, the website uses FancyBox. This tool provides lightweight popups with HTML content and multimedia. Newark Dental-Pemco’s PrestaShop store is based on the Apache web server.


PrestaShop UI\UX audit


User experience and user interface design are one of the core components in modern ecommerce. Since online trading is constantly developing, the requirements for web design are becoming more and more demanding. Well-thought web design can make a good impression on a customer and help gain customer loyalty. Therefore, to stay competitive, it is important to constantly improve UX and UI design, offering customers a more appealing and user-friendly interface.


Considering the vital importance of UI and UX design in the modern ecommerce sphere, we started our cooperation with Newark Dental-Pemco from a comprehensive PrestaShop UI\UX audit. The BelVG PrestaShop developers assessed all the website components, content organization and navigation. Since website speed is a crucial component of user experience, we evaluated loading and caching processes. As a result, the BelVG team found the existing issues and had a clear vision of the further improvements.


PrestaShop server configuration


When you set up an online store, choosing an appropriate server is one of the cornerstones for the further development. Server should be fast, stable and powerful enough to handle website traffic. It has to meet PrestaShop technology requirements to function properly. What is more, a server needs to be configured correctly to prevent incompatibility of website components or unexpected technical issues.


Newark Dental-Pemco had some problems with their server and turned to BelVG to find the appropriate solution. The BelVG developers carried out a detailed technical audit to localize the problem and come up with a solution. The comprehensive analysis showed that there were problems with incorrect server configuration, which led to the malfunction of certain website components. The BelVG team reconfigured Newark Dental-Pemco’s server, paying special attention to compatibility and PrestaShop requirements, so the website could run correctly with no obstacles for smooth and stable work.


PrestaShop support & optimization


To stay ahead of the competition, you have to follow the latest trends and always keep your store up-to-date. User experience goes first nowadays, so outdated or vulnerable online shops can’t remain on track for a long time. Therefore, PrestaShop support and timely optimization are one of the key requirements for successful ecommerce. Keeping an eye on the website’s health, constantly updating and upgrading the store is the guarantee of excellent customer experience and protection from unexpected downtimes.


In the Newark Dental-Pemco project stability and optimization were the main focus. The BelVG team conducted an in-depth assessment of the system and identified what needed to be improved. High-quality code review, optimized media and caching processes resulted in performance boost and increase in website speed. After optimization, we continued to monitor website performance, regularly testing frontend and backend. Besides, the BelVG developers implemented the latest security patches and installed updates to ensure website health.


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