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Israeli shop that sells jewelry worldwide

NanoStyle is an Israeli store that sells uniquely designed jewelry worldwide. Since 2009, the company has been offering their products in the American and European markets. NanoStyle offers a wide variety of jewelry items, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. All of the items are hand-picked and combine both artistic and traditional designs.


NanoStyle was looking for a dedicated full-stack development team to customize and enhance their Magento store. The BelVG team was a right candidate to take the challenge due to vast experience in custom Magento solutions. That’s how our productive cooperation started. Today, the store is powered by a range of great features that make it unique. One of them is Klaviyo, which is a progressive marketing platform that helps to analyze user behavior and to plan marketing campaigns. The Webmarked application provides smart wishlist creation without registration. Besides, the store is integrated with a few cutting-edge marketing tools such as Hotjar, Omnisend and JustUno. Hotjar provides user behavior analytics through heatmaps, surveys and other tools. Omnisend serves for ecommerce marketing automation, whereas JustUno helps to grow sales through social marketing. Registration and logging in are facilitated with Facebook Login on pages, which enables authorization with Facebook account. What is more, NanoStyle’s store is integrated with the Manychat bot so that they can engage with customers through e-mail or SMS. Thanks to Judge Me, customer confidence is increased greatly, since this integration provides real product reviews on product pages. NanoStyle’s store is integrated with such popular payment methods as PayPal payments, American Express and Visa payments. Moreover, international sales are possible with, which offers multilingual website translation, and the DHL shipping integration for shipping worldwide.


Magento CRM integration


Ecommerce CRMs provide ample opportunities for marketing campaign optimization and user behavior analytics. Klaviyo is one of the top-rank CRM systems that helps to learn more about your clients. It provides extensive data so that you can build marketing campaigns based on what your clients like. Campaigns can be segmented based on different behavioral actions like shopping patterns, average spend or purchase history.


NanoStyle wanted to boost their marketing with the help of a top-notch solution particularly for ecommerce. The Klaviyo CRM was a perfect choice, since it met all the requirements and even surpassed them. Thanks to this pioneering solution, NanoStyle can make personalized marketing campaigns based on cutting-edge data analytics tools. With trigger flows and rich segmentation, they can target any part of the audience depending on profile properties, location, predicted values and more.


Payment gateways in Magento


Multiple payment methods are one of the requirements for a modern ecommerce store. Such popular payment gateways as PayPal, American Express and Visa payments guarantee that your potential clients will find the preferable method and their shopping experience will be great. Having various payment methods takes stores to a whole new level. It is of vital importance both for local and global markets, since customers might expect to find popular local payment methods and, at the same time, widespread global solutions like PayPal.


NanoStyle’s Magento store is integrated with diverse popular payment methods to satisfy any clients’ preferences. Those include PayPal, American Express and Visa payments. PayPal is one of the most recognized payment solutions worldwide. It offers safe online transactions, guaranteeing security and confidence. The support of American Express and Visa payments helps to satisfy basic customer needs, making the experience seamless.


Magento marketing tools


Marketing integrations are a significant customization feature that helps to enhance customer experience and streamline team’s workflow. Among diverse integrations, Magento marketing tools are a must for smooth business operation. These integrations serve for all spheres of promotion, from digital advertising to data collection and user behavior analytics.


As for NanoStyle’s online store, marketing is powered by a few top-notch solutions that help to collect customer data and analyze it in different ways. One of the tools is Hotjar, which offers a lot of advanced behavior analytics tools such as heatmaps, visitor recordings, surveys and more. Besides, the store is integrated with Omnisend, which is a progressive marketing automation platform. It offers email marketing automation, email campaigns segmentation, cart recovery options and customer interactions through various channels. With multiple marketing tools integrated, NanoStyle can be sure to cover all the promotion challenges.

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