New generation for shopping with breakthrough Magento 2 migration

MonsterService ApS is a Danish company which provides clients with comprehensive solutions for cleaning and sanitation, office stationery, clothing, warehouses and beverages. Their clients are: large and middle-sized companies, offices, construction sites, institutions, individuals.

Mobile responsive




The company asked BelVG to improve the bad performance and address the problem to implement characteristics required for running a successful ecommerce business:

  • simplify inventory management focusing on business expansion;
  • improve page loading time;
  • enhance the usability according to the current trends.


Extended order grid


With an eye to track orders on the admin panel, a new tab has been added allowing:


  • managing an enormous number of orders,
  • applying multiple sorting (in particular sorting based on certain product category),
  • changing the order status/the number of orders/information/additional reviews.


The widget contains the enormous number of orders which is constantly increasing. Since it’s difficult to manage such an abundance of data, we’ve created the new principle of caching and had the code optimized.


As a result, the page loading time has improved by 70%.


Server settings and optimization


The web store is continuously growing by increasing the number of customers and orders (about 10k new database records within 8 months), that’s why servers have been optimized to process the data.


After the settings have been implemented, the processing speed as well as load speed is about 1 sec for European customers.


Google shopping feed has been modified, so the number of attributes and the creation speed is enhanced.


The product data list which contains the comprehensive information on products is processed automatically. This saves hundreds of hours and helps to get organic traffic with less effort, as products are shown in search results due to its proper optimization.





Internal erp system integration


The successfully completed integration allows transferring all data which the order contains:


product name,





payment method,


delivery date,

client’s name,




The data is transferred into the erp system helping to control orders and find out more about clients’ needs and, as a result, attract more customers.


Sphinx Search customization


Sphinx search has been customized by improving the auto-complete and auto-spell checking. Which means customers are provided with flexible features that simplify the shopping experience. Autocomplete predicts user’s search query based on the characters that have already been entered.




All suggestions are displayed in the field, so it’s convenient for a user to select the appropriate one by clicking.




At the same time auto spell checking helps to avoid misspelled words by turning them into correct ones.


In this case, the user gets the search results regardless of the misspelling. It helps to get the user hooked on the page and make him buy a product.


Modules installation


New features were added by using the following BelVG modules:



All the modules installed help to hold a marketing campaign and winning sales with the help of the tricks.


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