Monin was born as a French producer of syrups, fruit purees, toppings, sauces and smoothie mixes that are used as ingredients for cocktails, coffees, desserts and more. Since its foundation in 1912, the company has turned into the world’s leader of the drinks industry. It has extended its assortment to more than 200 unique flavors striving to exceed customer expectations in more than 140 countries. Monin syrups are 100% natural, produced from berries, fruit and herbs. They are trusted by baristas and bartenders worldwide to prepare exceptional beverages and desserts. With more than a century of expertise, Monin is the expert in creating bespoke drinks.

Mobile responsive

We developed mobile version of the website and on this screenshot you can check how it looks:

monin_mob_1 monin_mob_2 

Magento development

Monin is a world-famous company from France. Working in the market for a hundred years, they transformed from a small family business to a global company that is known all over the world. The massive business volume of the company obliges always to be one step ahead. Developing business in a myriad of ways, Monin decided to strengthen their position on the American market by launching a webstore. Magento turned out to be a perfect ecommerce platform that complied with company’s requirements. BelVG invested their Magento experience and successfully implemented this project.

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Custom Magento development

When starting the development, Monin knew exactly how their webstore should look like and what features it should have. As Magento provides their clients with various opportunities for customization, BelVG was able to turn all the client’s requirements into webstore features. For instance, we added a double newsletter subscription block for regular customers and business partners, improved filters to sort and select products and embedded opportunity to print recipes just from the blog post. Such improvements allow the webstore to become more user-friendly and increase the shopping experience greatly.

Magento integration

Webstore customization is closely tied to integrations. Extensions are binding instruments that help to enhance the functionality of every online store. Magento is a reasonably sophisticated ecommerce system, but with the help of professional developers it is possible to create any webstore with diverse features on its base. During cooperation with Monin, BelVG integrated and customized more than 50 different extensions to make sure the webstore complied with the client’s requests and to improve all stages of the customers interaction in the ecommerce website. All the installed plugins are high-quality and work together without any conflicts.

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