You probably already know Monin for their syrups, gourmet sauces, fruit purees and smoothie mixes. It’s an international company with great renommee. And we are happy that they hired us to create their North American website.

As a client, they were really understanding and kind. Although this project was difficult and challenging, we enjoyed every moment of the cooperating with this company. And now, after we finished this project, we would like to point out the most important stages and let you know about features that were implemented. The website is developed on Magento Enterprise Edition. It allowed us to use the whole functionality of this platform.

Mobile responsive

We developed mobile version of the website and on this screenshot you can check how it looks:

monin_mob_1 monin_mob_2 


There are 3 main parts on the Homepage:

  • A slider
  • A carousel with product categories
  • A video blog

All these parts can be configured through the admin panel. In the footer, we added a Newsletter subscription where a customer can choose if they want to subscribe to Home, Business or both newsletters. At the bottom, you can see a Merchandising Kit Sign Up section. Merchandisers can order an advertisement kit for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes etc.


In Product section, there is the list of available categories and subcategories. On the same page, a user can use filters to sort product in order to select what they want. We have implemented 2 modes for the Subcategories page: a Grid and a Slider. For the Slider mode, we applied lazy load images. It helps to increase the page loading speed and images are loaded before they appear. Also, in this mode, you can add a product to cart, open the Product page or check out recipes with this product.

In the Recipes, there is a special category called “Seasonal”, in which all seasonal recipes are listed for special occasions (Halloween, Christmas etc). There is also an archive where a user can check Recipes that were popular in previous seasons. In the Recipes, you can also find a special page called “Video Library”. Here users can find video guides. All dynamic content can be edited from an Admin panel using the Advanced Content Manager. Alongside with a gallery description, options, and other standard functionalities, there are “Related Recipes” and “You might also like” sections. They were added with the help of Magento EE rules. These sections are made in the form of a carousel.

Product page

On the Product Page, a user can add a review and evaluate the product purchased. In the Product section, there is a special category for Promotions. This category contains “Holiday Discounts” and “Special Offers”. In the recipes section, there is the list of all sub-categories and filters to sort the recipes. They can be sorted by Product Type, Flavour, Beverage Type and Colour. In the recipes subcategory, users can select between 2 modes: a Grid and a List. We have implemented Ajax Filters, Sorting by Name and Rating as well as Pagination. All recipes are made as Grouped products with Associated products. You can purchase all the necessary products to cook something or to make a drink according to a recipe. On the Recipe page, a user can find a list of ingredients for the recipe. “Shop the flavor” button allows adding all necessary ingredients to cart. There is also an instruction of how to make a cocktail or something else. You can print it out or save it in a PDF format. On the Recipe page there are “Related Recipes” and “You might also like” blocks (they are made as a carousel based on Magento EE rules) and a Video block. This page also contains the “Review” section where a customer can evaluate the product and leave a feedback.

CMS pages

The Resources pages are a great source of inspiration for Monin industry partners. On Resources pages, they can find useful tips, techniques, recipes, new trends etc. Here we created dynamic and static pages that can be edited using the Advanced content manager.

Users can find the information on the company in such sections as “History”, “Social responsibility”, “In the News”, “Monin Americas”. Here we implemented dynamic and static pages that can be edited using the Advanced content manager.

The Blog section contains articles and recipes written by Monin beverage and culinary experts. It’s possible to write and edit posts from the Admin panel. On every blog post, there is a link to the page of the author and to the general page of culinary team. It’s possible to add comments and if an article is made as a recipe, there is an option to print it.


The Checkout process has been divided into two steps: “Shipping” and “Review and Payments”. Now it’s very easy to complete the checkout process without any distractions. Additionally you can see the cart right on the checkout page with all the products.


For this website, we used more than 50 different modules and customized them to would fit the design. These are some of the modules we used:

  • Cart: Headworks Ajax Cart pro
  • Filters: Amasty Shop by
  • Ajax filters: Amasty Layered Navigation
  • Login by Facebook: BelVG Facebook Connect and Like Free
  • Blog and Tips and Techniques page: IWD Blog
  • Store Location: IWD Store Locator

We would like to thank Monin for this project and are looking forward to continue our cooperation with this company. BelVG team hopes that this website will work smoothly and will be an amazing performing tool for their promotion.