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Leaders in matte and anti-glare screen protectors.

Mobile Outfitters is a US based manufacturer of mobile accessories. True innovators in the mobile industry, since 2007 they have been offering consumers with their flagship products, a protective film that wraps around any mobile device named Clear-Coat. Their idea solves the original problems which customers used to hate when putting screen protectors on any mobile device – no more bubbles or dust with Clear-Coat. They offer professional installation of the film and are ready to replace it at any time providing shoppers with a lifetime guarantee. Together with decorative mobile phone skins, you can find their products in more than 600 mall kiosks, repair shops, distributors and resellers spanning 44 countries and on their online store


Magento Development


One of the important criteria for any modern business is to have a noticeable presence online. Having developed their company, Moutfitters decided to launch a new webstore that would be a great new home for all of their bold ideas. The webstore should work from both angles: as a catalog for final buyers and as a platform for entrepreneurs who are looking for business opportunities. Magento was chosen as the best base for this issue. As a well-known Magento development company, BelVG was selected to create an online store and manage its further optimization and support.


Magento Custom Extension


Enriching webstore functionality is a serious and important part of the development. Extensions are great assistants in this task. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of ready-to-use modules at different prices, custom extension is the best solution to get exactly what a certain webstore needs. As BelVG completely understood all the client’s requirements, our team of skilled developers was able to create a bespoke search extension. It was designed considering all the products characteristics and works perfectly on the website.


Magento Theme Development


Webstore design and usability was the focus of the development process. Choosing Magento as an ecommerce platform, Moutfitters decided to take all its customization opportunities and create their own theme. Such an approach allows to launch a webstore that demonstrates products in the best way and takes into account all the customers requirements. With the help of certified frontend developers it became possible to implement all the design ideas and to achieve a webstore that had no difference between initial mock-ups and the completed design.

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Eric Griffin,

Co-Founder,  Mobile Outfitters

Review - MobileOutfitters

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