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Shopware development for May Gem

About May Gem


May Gem is a fashion startup based in Germany. It specializes in selling women’s clothing in the European Union.


The company is dedicated to providing the latest trends in fashion with high standards for design and quality. Their products are exclusively aimed at the B2B segment, offering a wide range of styles from casual to elegant and sporty designs.


Project Overview


The initial request was to develop the website, adapt it to two languages, and set up limited views for unregistered visitors. One of the crucial points was time: it was important for the client to complete tasks in 1-2 months. After discussion, the May Gem relied on us to implement some more features. The team completed the estimated tasks and also helped to reduce the scope of additional tasks to meet the deadline.


Thus, the BelVG team’s work was focused on developing the website using Shopware 6 and implementation of the theme and design. The client also requested to customize the website theme with a specific design.


The team also implemented some B2B features. We installed several plugins that help the admin with internal work on the website.


Also as the website is multilingual, we made a website translation into English and German languages, added two currencies, and implemented currency exchange.


May Gem




Fashion & Clothing



Services & notable features

  • Checkout customization
  • VAT number validation
  • Plugin development
  • Mollie payment plugin installation
  • Theme customization
  • B2B functionality set up

Frontend and Design


Turning to us, one of the crucial parts of May Gem’s request was to customize the website theme to go with the client’s design. The original design required serious theme customization. There was no time for this, so we redesigned it to match the theme as much as possible. Therefore, The team implemented the theme quickly since we focused on completing all the work on time.


Here are some steps that we improve on the website for May Gem:


  • Plugin optimization. Our frontend developer optimized plugins for May Gem’s theme and checked all elements on all devices for adaptive design.
  • Email template customization. The team added the logo and corrected the style of corporate emails.
  • Website translation. As the online shop is multilingual, we corrected its German-English translation.
  • Improving category pages. Our developer added custom filters that were placed on a separate page for better visibility. We also created test products in the admin panel so the client could work with them.


In addition, we have provided detailed instructions for Shopware so the client can make changes on the site themselves. It was important as the client was a designer who wanted to test different hypotheses if needed.

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The client’s multilingual website has a checkout for two currencies and payment methods specific to the region Therefore, we have introduced several important changes to checkout.


  • Our team added currency exchange into dollars and euros in the online store. Also, the checkout was translated into two languages.
  • We installed the Mollie plugin which is widely used in the region for payments. Our developer set it up, checked on a test payment making sure the installation was correct, and configured it.


These changes will provide a better user experience for the users and make it easier for them to complete their purchases. Our team has thoroughly tested and configured the updates to ensure their effectiveness and reliability.


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Custom plugin development


To make the online store more convenient for May Gem to use, the team developed several plugins.


The first custom plugin is connected with product import. May Gem needed to update the quantity of their products and orders and import them in XLSX format. Shopware already has an import of goods, but it only works with the CSV format file. Our developers have expanded this functionality. They utilized an existing Shopware logic and wrote a module for importing files in XLSX format. A tab has appeared in the admin panel for new imports with content translated into German. The admin can now easily upload a file through this new tab to update the quantity of all products.


The second custom function is for generating invoices for products. By default, Shopware 6 generates all the invoices in bulk in one document – each invoice on a separate page. This format is convenient if you need to print bills and place them in the parcel. But if you need to send invoices by email, then this can cause problems. Our team has written the other plugin, so now separate documents are created for each order before merging the invoices into one file.


We also added several additional features that were not included in the initial estimate and still were able to complete the project in less than 2 months.

Setting up B2B functionality


The BelVG team configured several B2B plugins according to the client’s requests. Here are some of these functionalities:


One of the important tasks was the implementation of B2B plugins. Our team has found a suitable one that works well in conjunction with VAT validation. It works the following way. When registering, the user uploads a file confirming their legal entity. Then, the admin approves the user’s registration via email. Only after approval, the user is considered a buyer and can see prices on the website.


We have also installed a plugin that helps verify the validity of a VAT number. It will help May Gem confirm the registration of their potential customers in the online store. The client can group all the registered users and apply different settings to every user group.


Our developers also set up a free DHL plugin. It helps the admin generate order labels for printing.


The Shopping cart reminder plugin was also purchased and configured. Users will now receive notifications if they add products to their cart but do not purchase them.

Project Results

As a result the BelVG team achieved all the estimated goals of this project:

Fast Duration

We completed the project in a month since it was important for the client to launch the website in a short time.

Minimal Budget

The team met the minimal budget. In addition to estimated tasks, we made extra features to improve the conversion of the client’s website.

Comprehensive Guides

The client received detailed instructions from our team for further administration of the online store.

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