Magento Development for Manzara Fashion

Trendy women’s clothing

Manzara fashion is an international online shop that sells trendy women’s apparel created by manufacturers from across the world. They operate in the Slovenian, Croatian, Italian and German markets. Their mission is to provide customers with high-quality and comfortable clothing that corresponds to the latest fashion trends. Manzara store is popular among fashion fans and followed by more than 250 000 people worldwide. Their customers want to stand out from the crowd and always keep up with the latest trends. This store gives clients the opportunity to express personality and show a delicate sense of style.


The company found a trustworthy and proficient partner in BelVG who delivered development services for Mazara Fashion’s Magento store. To boost site performance, it was filled with modern useful tools and features. Today, the online shop contains a Facebook Pixel integration which sets up Facebook and Instagram ads based on the collected data about users. The OneSignal widget delivers push notifications and informs clients about news, changes, promotions and discounts timely. The site uses the popular Magento theme Porto which is constantly improved in accordance with the best practices of code and design. The Fancybox tool ensures displaying images, html content and multimedia in a Mac-style “lightbox” that floats overtop of a web page. The company benefit from the Criteo solution and use behavioural targeting to achieve marketing goals. The DoubleClick.Net tool and 161Media allows them to conduct effective and compelling advertising campaigns. The webstore is hosted on the Apache web server.


Magento Audit


A comprehensive Magento audit reviews it from every possible angle and reveals technical issues that need improving. An audit is the first step of every development process when competent specialists analyse crucial site indicators and find existing bottlenecks. In compliance with the identified weaknesses, experts create a precise plan for their elimination to optimize performance and enhance efficiency. Audit allows our team to understand all business nuances and provide clients with a customized solution. A well-executed evaluation helps to avoid malfunctions and system failures that cause profit loss.


Conducting an audit for Manzara Fashion’s website involved several stages. First of all, developers checked the Magento code and performed a detailed review of all custom extensions and installed integrations. We also pay due attention to a survey of server architecture and logs as well as site theme and front-end assets. As a result of our work, we produced a report on the discovered flaws and offered a step-by-step plan for further actions.


Magento Development


Delivering development services, the BelVG agency settled all technical issues and ensured the site’s smooth functioning under a fairly large load. Our team configured server and created new virtual hosts to guarantee webstore availability round-the-clock. In addition, the BelVG developers provided speed optimization which influences search results ranking favourably. Fast sites receive users’ approval, therefore they often have a better conversion rate and low bounce rate. Moreover, we worked on the frontend and backend removing existing shortcomings.


When it comes to Magento development issues, you should find skillful and experienced specialists. With years of experience, BelVG have great proficiency as Magento developers. If you believe that the platform can not provide extensive customization options and high-speed at the same time, we are ready to prove you the opposite. With proper development and optimization services, Magento becomes a perfect e-commerce solution.


Magento Support


Magento-based websites have their own specific challenges, since they differ in sizes, type of domain, target audience and they need a Magento support team to resolve any problems with performance or security. If a site stops working due to technical troubles, potential customers do not have the opportunity to look over the offer or make a purchase. Obviously, it entails reduced returns. What is more, clients want to be confident in store reliability and know that they are protected from confidential information leakage or money theft.


Delivering support services for our partners, the BelVG professionals keep their webstores in working condition and remove all arising errors promptly. Within the maintenance, we upgrade a Magento store to the improved version enriched with new features. To make the site invulnerable to intruders, our specialists implement the latest security patches. BelVG always execute their tasks and will help your site perform flawlessly.


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