BigCommerce Support for M2 Scientifics

Analytical equipment and instrumentation

M2 Scientifics is an American trusted scientific supplier providing analytical equipment and instrumentation that help people advance technology, discover medical breakthroughs, improve challenging manufacturing processes and promote deep learning. The company offers a wide variety of general lab equipment and supplies, life science supplies, lab safety products, chemistry supplies, testing and analysis equipment, weighing equipment, manufacturing and industrial supply, etc. Being a trusted provider of quality products at affordable prices, they offer high-quality products to the professionals in education, research, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.


M2 Scientifics was looking for a dedicated full-stack development team to support their BigCommerce online store. The BelVG team consists of high-profile software engineers who were ready to accept this challenge. Therefore when we received a request regarding this project, we were excited about the opportunity to make our contribution to the world of science. By supporting this store, we supported the world of science and are quite proud of it. Today, their online shop is powered by a range of great features such as Zopim live chat widget to provide live customer help instantaneously, Zendesk Embeddables to integrate Zendesk functionality into the native environment and DoubleClick.Net tool for advertising. Besides, the website has several payment gateways, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal payments. For email marketing automation MailChimp is used and BigCommerce Mail facilitates the email messages processing. The online store uses Google Cloud hosting and nginx proxy server.


UI/UX Audit


BigCommerce is a popular platform offering huge benefits for the merchants who use it. It can boast of competitive pricing, easy setup and quick sales due to its one-page checkout that helps streamline the conversions. However, it is of utmost importance to conduct a comprehensive audit from time to time to make sure that everything is in order and works properly.


The BelVG team of BigCommerce professionals reviewed the online store and delivered a thorough analysis of its performance. Afterwards, we made a detailed report on the bugs and technical issues that needed to be improved. Thanks to it, we offered suggestions on how to improve the functionality of the shop and eliminate all the vulnerabilities.


Improving Page Speed on BigCommerce


High page loading speed is crucial when it comes to customer satisfaction. The users tend to leave the website if it can not download properly. With the aim of improving the page speed on BigCommerce, our developers applied the advice from the audit we conducted. For example, we took care of the image sizing, as the images are known to be heavy items on the page of your online shop that can decrease the speed.


Moreover, we managed different components of the website to make it more sustainable and quickly-operating. Among the features that we introduced was leveraging the browser caching, checking the compatibility of installed extensions, and working on code optimization. After our work, the loading speed of the M2 Scientifics’s webstore was significantly increased.


BigCommerce Support


We enhanced the performance of the M2 Scientifics’s webshop and fixed the technical issues that arose during the website operation. Our experts in ecommerce constantly deal with bugs and other technical glitches that affect the functioning of the webstore. If you leave the website without proper supervision, minor issues can damage customer relations due to poor user experience and even cause the site crash.


BelVG offers a variety of BigCommerce support services, such as theme, layout and styling changes, integration with external services, third-party systems, custom coding to improve the store’s functionality. The dedicated support team of high-profile project managers, designers and BigCommerce developers with huge expertise in ERP, mobile and enterprise web applications would be glad to maintain your online shop and upgrade it on an ongoing basis.


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