Speed Optimization for Lux-Case

Smartphone and tablet covers

Lux-Case is a Swedish online store that offers a variety of accessories for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, cameras and gaming equipment. The product range is extremely extensive and comprises stuff for devices of different manufacturers and models. The company has a multistore which is available in several European countries including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and others. They monitor the release and production of the cutting-edge gadgets so that customers can find necessary equipment for the latest ones. provides clients with a large selection of stylish and high-quality goods.


Partnership between Lux-case and BelVG focused on the webstore operation improvement and expanding the boundaries of its capabilities. Currently, the website benefits from modern tools and integrations that streamline important online business processes. The store contains the Hotjar heatmap to analyze user behavior, conduct surveys, and build funnels easily. The Addwish application helps to personalize and target customers with relevant products at the right place and at the right time. To provide fast and secure data transfer and content delivery, the website has Amazon CloudFront. Zendesk Link facilitates work of the support team and takes customer service to the next level. PayPal payments provide fast and convenient process of payment for goods. The company can develop successful advertising strategies with the DoubleClick.Net tool and manage mailing lists effectively by means of MailChimp. The website uses the Varnish web accelerator and Cloudflare Hosting.


Moving Magento to a New Server


The client wanted to move the Magento webstore to a new server to improve site performance. First, the BelVG developers copied the site on a new server and deleted all unnecessary data while the online shop remained in working order. We removed irrelevant store views and tools as well as upgraded Magento to the improved version. The BelVG team also updated crucial extensions and fixed ones that functioned incorrectly. We configured the sphinx full-text search system according to the client’s requirements. After thorough testing, our development team applied a database to the new server and switched the store from the old server to the new one. The BelVG agency met all customer’s needs and gave them the opportunity to wipe the slate clean without old problems. Now, the site runs smoothly without causing troubles and loss of income.


The reasons for the necessity to change the server can be completely different. When a store achieves a high development stage, the current server can hinder further progress due to its limited technical capacity. Sometimes a server can’t provide a site with sufficient loading speed or its uninterrupted operation, which also encourages to consider a new one. No matter what the reason is, moving a webstore to a new server should be entrusted to qualified specialists to avoid data loss and waste of money.


Magento Support


Work on the site doesn’t end with the launch of an online store. A website requires continuous improvement measures that ensure your ecommerce business sustainable growth and development. An integral part of the progress is support service. An online store should be available day and night to be profitable, that is why it needs constant technical maintenance. Within the Lux-Case’s project, the BelVG developers provided Magento support to their webstore. We guarantee smooth site operation, implement the latest security patches timely and fix emerging bugs. If any errors occur, our specialists immediately take up their elimination.


Customers make orders on a website if they are sure about its security. Shortcomings and malfunctions can make potential buyers feel distrust and see a threat of information leakage or money theft. The BelVG experienced team will help to remove all mistakes and gain the clients’ confidence. We will identify all site’s vulnerabilities and get rid of them to contribute to customers and sales increase.


Speed Optimization


A site that takes a long time to load will probably be closed in less than a minute. Without the opportunity to consider your offer, a client will go to competitors. To enhance competitiveness, reduce the bounce rate and improve conversion, Lux-Case delegated site speed optimization to BelVG. All these indicators influence ranking in the search results. Moreover, search engines give a fast site higher positions compared to a slow one with equal other characteristics. Speed optimization will affect the user experience favourably, because appropriate page loading speed causes positive emotions during the shopping on your site.


Optimized Magento stores occupy the top positions in the search results, which allows buyers to find your store. A pleasant experience of interacting with your resource will encourage clients to return and make a purchase again. Thus, top-notch optimization services appear as an essential component of commercial success and prosperity. The BelVG experts will be glad to improve your webstore speed, because a slow site is inconvenient for users and unprofitable for its owners.

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