Lothar John is a German company that specializes on a home decor from European manufacturers. It was founded 40 years ago and since then work for people for whom quality and design is not a luxury, but the lowest claim. The company always follows their customers’ needs and today they have indoor and outdoor furniture, tableware, and decoration in their catalog. In addition to the online shop, the company also owns brick-and-mortar store in Hannover.

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  • Magento 2
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Mobile responsive

Lothar John usually try to keep up to date. That’s why a special attention was paid to the mobile version of the webstore.

LotharJohn_mob_1 LotharJohn_mob_2 LotharJohn_mob_3


Our main task in collaboration with Lothar John was to implement migration from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2. We should have preserved on old customer interface, making slight improvements to the Magento theme.


Together with upgrading the platform’s version we also completed:

  • migration of database;
  • installation and configuration of Magento 2 theme;
  • installation and configuration of modules and German package.

Front end

We installed ready-to-use Ultimo theme and adapted it to German language. We also made the modules compatible with the theme.

We ended up our partnership with Lothar John supporting the existing Magento 2 store and making necessary improvements on a daily basis.