Lothar John Tischkultur is a German online retailer of tableware and home décor accessories since 1979. For almost 40 years, the company’s major goals have been excellent customer service, innovative ideas and high-quality products. The online shop offers a rich assortment of silver, porcelain and glass tableware sets. It also provides a range of stylish furniture, bookshelves, vases, home lighting ideas and other décor accessories from the world’s best brands. Every item on the web store product list is equipped with a complete description for a visitor to get the full picture. If something is not in stock, it is always possible to make an order even if the item is rare or unique.

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Mobile responsive

Lothar John usually try to keep up to date. That’s why a special attention was paid to the mobile version of the webstore.

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Migration to Magento 2

Being a company that sells trending lifestyle and home decor mean always be modern and up-to-date. It concerns everything: available products, customers relationship and especially the webstore. It should be appropriate to the company image and market requirements. That’s why migration to the latest version of the ecommerce platform is always a good idea. Lothar John company was familiar with Magento as they had been working with it for a long time. When it came to an upgrade, they hired BelVG to manage the migration to Magento 2. The general goal was to receive a perfectly working online store with saving as much of the old customer interface as possible.

Custom Magento development

No matter how good and functional the ecommerce platform is, it is always needed to customize it and make it unique. This applies to both backend and frontend development. Magento is a highly customizable system. It allows to implement any feature the entrepreneur wants. Despite the fact that Magento is an american ecommerce platform, merchants from all over the world use it for their online shops. It is possible to adapt Magento to every local market and language. That is what exactly BelVG did for Lothar John. As it is Germany-based company the webstore was fully configured for use in the German market.

Magento Support & Maintenance

The essence of every successful business is a constant attention to every process. Choosing the appropriate ecommerce platform is only the beginning of the webstore development. It is a significant part of a future success, but it is not its guarantee. Support and maintenance of the online store are equally important and take a lot of effort. After managing the migration to the latest Magento version, BelVG team supported the project, installed all the necessary extensions and worked on their compatibility. Security was also one of the major priorities for Lothar John company.

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