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Tableware of excellent design and quality from Germany

Lothar John Tischkultur is a German online retailer of tableware and home décor accessories since 1979. For almost 40 years, the company’s major goals have been excellent customer service, innovative ideas and high-quality products. The online shop offers a wide range of silver, porcelain and glass tableware sets. It also provides a range of stylish furniture, bookshelves, vases, home lighting ideas and other décor accessories from the world’s best brands. Every item on the web store product list is equipped with a complete description for a visitor to get the full picture. If something is not in stock, it is always possible to make an order even if the item is rare or unique.


Lothar John Tischkultur asked the BelVG team of certified Magento developers to help them with migrating to Magento 2. To enhance the functionality of the website and add new valuable features, Magento 2 custom development was performed and several important integrations were made. What is more, in order to ensure reliable and smooth performance, our experienced coders performed support and maintenance services. The clients of the company are primarily from German-speaking European countries, so Magento 2 was adjusted to the local market. The website uses Recaptcha to protect the online store from spam and abuse. With Amazon FPS, merchants can accept payments on their website for selling goods or services.


Migration to Magento 2


For a store that specializes in posh tableware and decor it’s pivotal to monitor the latest modern trends to keep pace with the height of style in current fashion and technologies. So it was decided by the company to move their website to the most up-to-date ecommerce platform Magento 2. Due to the obsolete features of Magento 1, it became dangerous to continue using it, as the outdated platform lacks updates and security patches and poses threat to the safety of the online store. In order to protect your website from this, it is highly advisable to switch to Magento 2 which is more reliable and secure.


With Matomo open source web analytics software interesting reports can be given on your website visitors, popular pages, the search engines keywords they used, the language they speak and so much more. Our BelVG Magento professionals managed to complete the task quickly and delivered the most cutting-edge solution to Lothar John on time, improving the shopping experience and increasing customer satisfaction of their clients.


Custom Magento 2 Development and Integrations


For any ecommerce website which aspires to reach a new level in ecommerce development the customization is of utmost importance as it enhances the unique characteristics of the website and makes it one-of-a-kind. If the online store has exclusive features, it stands out among its competitors and promotes brand awareness among the potential customers on the market. Moreover, the ecommerce website has Recaptcha to protect the online store from spam and abuse. With Modernizr you can target specific browser functionality in your stylesheet.


The Lothar John company is a German-based company and their clients mostly are from German-speaking European countries. Bearing that fact in mind, the decision was made to adjust Magento 2 ecommerce platform in order to make it more adapted to the local market and the German language. Our BelVG Magento developers successfully managed to configure the online store so that it can cater for the needs of the potential clients in the best possible way.


Magento 2 Support


In order to avoid possible troubles with performance, ensure smooth and stable work and achieve the outstanding work of your ecommerce website, after the high-quality development with the most cutting-edge instruments it is of ultimate importance to provide constant support to the website and not to forget about necessary maintenance services. Our Magento 2 experts provided support and maintenance services to Lothar John to guarantee the reliable work of the ecommerce website and ensure impeccable shopping experience and improved customer satisfaction for their clients.


Effective support and maintenance services are vital for providing efficient work of the ecommerce website that leads to the increased conversion rates and can make your website more profitable due to the high quality of services guaranteed by the company. What is more, the website accepts payments with PayPal. With Amazon FPS, sellers can accept payments on their website for selling goods or services, raise donations, execute recurring payments, and send payments. The website contains code that allows the page to be mobile compatible.

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Review - LotharJohn

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