Magento Theme Development for Lauftraining

More than just a training plan

Based in Germany, is a company with over 10 years of experience in training and nutrition plans at affordable prices for people from all over the globe. Professional coaches and nutritional experts work on creating individual healthy lifestyle programs not only for amateurs but also for professional athletes. Their website provides a modern content platform together with 24/7 support. With Lauftraining it is possible to communicate with real coaches who help attain health goals and improve physical condition.


Lauftraining was searching for an up-to-date solution that would be convenient for customers, website managers and coaches. They decided to resort to BelVG to upgrade their online store. We performed excellent Magento 2 migration, theme development and integration services. With Yii 2 framework we developed custom functions related to the customer’s goals, online diaries and coach panels to prepare training plans. The company uses Hotjar to help with conversion optimization and DoubleClick to efficiently organize ad stacks. Besides, AddThis ecommerce tool reduces shopping cart abandonment and boosts sales.


Migration to Magento 2



Sports training is a quite specific product that requires a detailed approach in ecommerce solutions. Already working with the TYPO3 content management system, the company wasn’t fully satisfied with its performance. Looking for a fresh perspective, Lauftraining chose Magento 2 as the perfect platform to meet their development needs.


With a deep understanding of the migration procedure, BelVG successfully managed the Magento 2 migration saving all data, customers accounts, login information and payment history. As a result, Lauftraining received an outstanding and lasting solution that is easy to operate. The Lauftraining website uses Hotjar as a heatmap, survey and funnel application to help with feedback forms, surveys, conversion optimization and audience measurement. Besides, Facebook Pixel advertising tool is used for data and conversions tracking from Facebook ads.


Magento Integration


Custom website features help merchants get the website they have been dreaming of. As Lauftraining was not a typical ecommerce project, it was necessary to take all the peculiarities into account when working on their website functionality. Yii 2 is a framework that we used for developing custom functions related to the customer’s goals, online diaries and coach panels. With primary focus on all the company’s requirements, BelVG managed Yii integration with Magento 2. As a result, Lauftraining obtained the features they were looking for and we gained an exciting experience.


Besides, AddThis ecommerce tool is implemented on the website to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase sales, capture leads and effectively segment the audience to drive more engagement. With DoubleClick instrument ad stacks and selling advertising inventory can be efficiently organized.


Magento Theme Development


A user-friendly interface is a crucial requirement for every online store. When selling training services, merchants should pay close attention to the design of customer accounts as clients will interact with them daily. Knowing a thing or two about their customers’ preferences, Lauftraining came to us with an already created design for their Magento 2 website. BelVG’s main goal was to deliver a fully optimized theme that both our client and their customers would be satisfied with.


Our skillful front-end developers managed this task with no difficulties and provided Lauftraining with a Magento 2 theme that looks great on all devices. Moreover, the website contains Facebook Conversion Tracking functionality from Facebook allowing a user to track advertisement clicks. Facebook Custom Audiences let the marketers reach out to people who visit the website and deliver the right personalized message to them on Facebook.


Ronny Martick,

Founder, Lauftraining


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