Custom Theme Development for Lashtrays

The world of eyelash extensions

Lashtrays is an Estonian online store of eyelashes, glue, cleansers and tools. Store owners put special attention to the high quality of the products. The store works only with robust suppliers and manufacturer’s brands to provide customers with perfect characteristics. Lashtrays offers eyelashes and tools from a variety of manufacturers so that everyone can find the perfect products. This approach to the online store catalogue turns Lashtrays into the best shop to find eyelash extensions in Estonia.


The Lashtrays company asked BelVG to help them with their ecommerce website development. We added custom Magento features and introduced several integrations to improve the online store such as custom WMS system, shipping options, and payment gateways. Besides, we implemented a configurable product box and auto account. The online store uses Repuso tool to collect social proof reviews and a Hotjar feedback  application. Moreover, Mixpanel allows A/B testing and audience measurement and thanks to Poptin the sellers can create engaging web and mobile overlays to improve conversions. The website Amazon web hosting and Apache 2.4 web server.


Magento 2 Development


Working in the extremely competitive beauty industry, Lashtrays was looking for an ecommerce solution that would allow the company to stand out among the competitors. The main requirement was to choose a platform that would be easy to scale and grow into a multistore working in the international market. Having undertaken comprehensive research, Lashtrays decided to build their online store on the Magento 2 platform.


As a certified Magento partner, BelVG was entrusted to manage the Magento 2 development from scratch. Our dedicated team combined Lashtrays ecommerce requirements with rich Magento possibilities to deliver an innovative online store with custom functionalities. Following a customer-centric approach, we stayed in touch with our client during the whole development process. Thus, at the very beginning of our cooperation, BelVG consulted Lashtrays on the server choice and settings as it is the key element for great Magento performance and stability.


Custom Magento Development


When working on Lashtrays ecommerce website development, BelVG developers proved their expertise and created an outstanding store with a unique Magento functionality. Customers are at the heart of Lashtrays business. At that point, BelVG created a configurable product box option that everyone could build based on personal requirements. To make Lashtrays approach as personal as never before, our skilful developers implemented an unpaid order function. It provides customers with the possibility to complete an already created order and pay for the desired item later. As our client aimed to make their online store flexible for customers, the BelVG team added an auto account creation option for Magento 2. Every time a guest user completes an order, an account is created automatically, and the system sends login information to the specified email address.


Moreover, once a customer uses an email address which was listed in the system to complete the order – even without login in before checking out – they are able to see order details in their account later. This approach helped to minimize the abandoned cart percentage. Our certified Magento developers introduced a custom Magento theme for the Lashtrays ecommerce website, which resulted in increased brand awareness and improved customer experience.  An appealing one-of-a-kind theme attracts visitors’ attention and provides the clients with a delightful shopping process.


Magento Integration


Lashtrays is an Estonia-based online store. Bearing this in mind, the BelVG team delivered an ecommerce website adapted to the local market requirements. Working closely with Lashtrays, we integrated the Estonian language pack into Magento 2 and spent a lot of time ensuring there were correct translations of every website section and button. BelVG expert developers built custom extensions to manage local shipping and payment integrations.


Customers could choose within SmartPost, DPD pickup, Omniva, DPD kuller shipping systems and Swedbank, SEB bank, LHV bank, Luminor bank and bank transfer payment opportunities. We also managed our client’s Magento 2 integration with a custom WMS system. As a result, Lashtrays got a first-class Magento 2 website with enhanced user-friendly features.


Magento Webdesign


Custom webdesign is an excellent opportunity to control all aspects of the online store and get the result you’ll be fully satisfied with. When working with Lashtrays, BelVG’s team did their best to transform our client’s wishes into a design – delivering a unique website that is inviting to visitors and turns them into customers and brand ambassadors. There is no element in the BeIVG-designed Lashtrays online store that would need elaboration.


Everything from product pages to custom checkouts were created to share the brand vision. Clean and smart design we delivered and fully optimized for every device and browser – and mobile-first from the start. Together with Lashtrays, we created an online store that is ready to grow and win new markets.


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