Custom Magento Development for KlubKlub

Exclusive make-up and skincare brands at the best price

Is there anything more alluring for customers than top-level products at a decent price? With this idea as a motto, Klubklub was born. Selling products for skin and hair care, the company provides clients with a wide range of brands and a great number of special offers. The Klubklub concept is very clear: every customer has an opportunity to buy a membership at an affordable monthly fee and save up to 90% on their purchase. Headquartered in Odense, Denmark, the company has both local and international brands in the catalog.


The KlubKlub company was searching for a Magento expert to upgrade their store and synchronise two ecommerce websites. We introduced a special Magento extension for this purpose, provided SEO optimisation and carried out shipping and payment integrations. The website uses Loyalty Lion for conversion optimization, Addwish tool to personalize and target customers with relevant products, Buyshop responsive Magento theme and tawk.to live chat that lets the merchants monitor the visitors and chat with them. Besides, Trustpilot integration is implemented as a review system and SparkPost sends transactional emails. The website is hosted on nginx proxy server and Apache web server.


Custom Magento Development


Klubklub has not become the first online store for our client. Before making a decision to launch it, our client tried to implement a subscription approach on his main website. After a while, it became clear that a new online store would be a better solution. And here came a very interesting part of the project: KlubKlub and its parent site were supposed to have a shared stock. For that purpose, the BelVG developers created a Magento extension that allowed to synchronize two websites, so the changes that took place on the parent website were displayed on KlubKlub and vice versa.


We did not only create the sync extension but also extended its functionality with lots of features. As our development team knew the importance of SEO optimization, we added an opportunity to define what information should be transferred from the parent site to KlubKlub when a product was created and what data should remain separate. It was made to avoid content duplication and ensure better ranking for client’s online stores.


Magento Integration


If you want to make your website more user-friendly, you should add third-party integrations: payment systems, shipping methods, management tools. Your online store should be easy to use for both backend users and customers. Adding integrations are the easiest way to achieve it. Klubklub is a multistore operating in Denmark and the United Kingdom. We took it into account when choosing shipping and payment integrations.


Thus, BelVG developers integrated Hermes and GLS shipping systems with Magento to provide Klubklub clients with reliable and fast delivery options. We also could not ignore Klubklub’s credible beauty blog. To meet the company’s marketing goals and help them to win more and more subscribers, we inbuilt Mailchimp to Magento and set up their integration.


Magento Support & Maintenance


Managing a multistore could be quite hard. Everything from the frontend development to inventory and shipping management should be verified, including the smallest details. During our partnership with Klubklub we were always online to provide them with excellent technical support and ensure the smooth operation of both klubklub.dk and klubklub.co.uk.


In this project, the BelVG team had an opportunity to demonstrate all the deep knowledge and profound experience while solving both minor and major technical issues. We kept an eye on website performance and did everything possible to speed up the online store.

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