Kasimir & Lieselotte

A home of high quality natural products.

Kasimir & Lieselotte GmbH is a small family business located in Germany, which specializes in producing high quality natural herbal teas, balsams and healing beverages. Carefully grown on bio-certified farmland all the herbal products are produced by hand to keep it with nature as much as possible. The healing drinks are manufactured with the use of double distilled rye malt from the best local suppliers while the herbs are dried with a temperature lower than 30 oC. With only 5 years of experience in close cooperation with doctors and pharmacists, the company has broadened its goods’ selection to a wide range of health healing products. Kasimir & Lieselotte GmbH as well offering complete packages for healing they also ship to 46 countries in Europe and USA.


Migration to Magento 2


Kasimir & Lieselotte has owned a Magento-based online store for several years. Being fully satisfied with the platform’s functionality and opportunities, they decided to enhance their webstore by moving to the newest Magento version. On the base of solid experience in Magento development, BelVG was chosen to release the migration. The Kasimir & Lieselotte multi store was not only successfully brought to the Magento 2 platform whilst saving all the valuable data, but also optimized, improved and customized the webstore The renewed online store met all the client’s technical and design requirements and played an important role in the growth of their business.


Magento Webdesign


Along with upgrading the ecommerce platform, Kasimir & Lieselotte decided to refresh their website design and put customers first. Selling natural handmade products, they wanted the online store to reflect their philosophy and to be extremely simple, clear, pure and discreet. BelVG was happy to create such an approach. Taking into account of all the client’s expectations, designers created beautiful mock-ups, that further transformed into a clean and functional Magento theme-based store with the help of certified frontend developers. Its fully responsive design helped in winning new customers.


Magento Custom Extension


Customization is a core component of webstore development. It allows us to fully meet the client’s expectations and create a website with all the features that were required. Being an open-source system, Magento can be customized in different ways. With the help of custom extensions, developers can increase webstore functionality greatly. BelVG used this Magento opportunity and created bespoke extensions for Kasimir & Lieselotte. This plugin deals with free to join affiliate programs. Inbuilt into the admin panel, it allows to add certain buyers into special group of customers that have specific privileges.

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