Juvenile Planet

Family-owned kids’ store

Juvenile Planet is a family-owned business which offers everything you need to raise kids in a loving and caring environment. The company has been delivering exceptional services for over 30 years. While other websites just sell and ship products, Juvenile Planet stands behind each and every sale, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. The Juvenile Planet’s specialists have deep knowledge about the products, as well as the needs and challenges of today’s parents. The company provides high-quality goods, guaranteeing optimal durability, aesthetics, and functionality.


Keeping up with the times, Juvenile Planet understands the necessity of constant webstore development and modernization. To maintain a firm position among the competitors, the company turned to the BelVG agency for site improvements. Today, Juvenile Planet can boast of a reliable webstore with many useful features. It has a Sitelinks Search Box ensuring that people can reach content from search results more quickly. To pay for the order, customers can use widely spread and convenient Paypal payments. The site includes UPS shipping integration which facilitates shipment processes, Zoho Mail which offers a wide range of options for organizing and sorting mail and Amazon Route 53 which is Amazon’s scalable DNS web service system. The website uses a nginx proxy server and Amazon web hosting.


Magento Frontend Audit


An audit includes analysis of certain indicators and a detailed report with detected problems, as well as an approximate assessment of their solutions and building a strategy for future enhancement. Within the Magento frontend audit for Juvenile Planet, the BelVG developers carried out a comprehensive evaluation of such indicators as loading speed, correct operation of all functions and buttons, accurate display of images, appropriate checkout page.


The earlier vulnerabilities are detected, the easier and faster they can be fixed. Moreover, you will take a fresh look at the site after the audit and determine the direction for further development. The report will become a step-by-step guide for improvements. BelVG will be glad to help your online business become more efficient and profitable.


Magento Frontend Development


The slow website operation, ill-conceived interface and confusing navigation hinder online store progress. To improve the frontend quality of the Juvenile Planet’s website, the BelVG specialists began work on weak points and shortcomings elimination in accordance with the conducted audit results. We delivered first-rate Magento frontend development services for them. The high-quality frontend is an online store face, which creates a favorable company image. After our adjustments, the online store enjoys correct operation and display of all icons and buttons, ease of navigation and logical interface usability, which has a positive impact on the company’s conversion rate.


The BelVG agency concentrates on expanding our partners’ opportunities and providing them with all the necessary conditions for successful sales. The intelligent team, well-organized process management, experience, and attention to detail help us implement even the most challenging projects. We work for your successful e-commerce.


Magento Design Adjustments


Within the Juvenile Planet’s project, some of the front-end edits required a preliminary design refinement, which was done by our creative design team. Webstore design should encourage the customers to make a purchase thanks to its appearance and organization of pages. Enough attention should be paid to Magento responsive design development. It reduces bounce rate, improves positions in the search results ranking, and provides better shopping experience since a huge number of customers prefer to use their mobile phones.


Website design development is an essential moment, as it determines the subsequent work on creating a prosperous webstore. If there are errors in design development, the entire project may be at risk. Therefore, this task should be entrusted to qualified specialists. The BelVG talented designers have profound expertise in design development and help turn original ideas into reality.

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