Magento 2 Migration for iWholesales

The most comprehensive range of Airsoft Guns on the market in the UK

iWholesales guns is the leading company on the market of airsoft and BB guns in the UK. It provides such services as selling different types of guns that can cater for even the most sophisticated taste of a client. With over 10+ years of experience, the company offers a wide range of guns from airsoft pistols, rifles and snipers to a variety of historical replicas and guns from the movies. A highly qualified team of mature professionals do their best to offer the best services on the market at the most competitive prices. You can find the most outstanding gun gear on the market in the iWholesales shop and get valuable advice from the passionate specialists in the field.

iWholesales asked us to improve the performance of their website. The company used a versatile Magento open-source ecommerce platform for their online store and decided to upgrade it by migrating to Magento 2. The latest information about the products was extracted from Linnworks, then it was connected with Magento 2. Tax classes configuration was added to allow the customers to calculate taxes specifically for the UK or the US depending on the selected country. Our mature developers carried out Magento 2 development and bug fixing services and improved image and performance of the online store. Magento 2 customization was carried out and several modules were added. For example, a special module was introduced that helped in API request debugging.


Migration to Magento 2


iWholesales decided to migrate their ecommerce website to Magento 2 in order to make its website more up-to-date and enjoy all the benefits that the upgrade brings. Magento 1 ecommerce platform became outdated and more and more businesses decided to switch to the more advanced version. What is more, using Magento 1 threatens the safety of the online store as no updates and security patches are released to support it anymore.


Now iWholesales gun store experiences faster page loading speed, increased conversion rates, more convenient and flexible approach in comparison with the obsolete Magento 1. Now the ecommerce website can boast of unsurpassed security, an improved admin panel that allows updating the information when needed, building relevant reports, communicating with the customers and executing constant monitoring of the webstore. It is more stable and protected against vulnerabilities than the previous version. The online store was one of the websites that the BelVG Magento team migrated to Magento 2 for iWholesales.


Magento 2 Development


iWholesales offers a variety of air guns from different brands so it was of ultimate importance to provide their customers with the opportunity to filter available products easily. When developing a perfect ecommerce solution for iWholesales, our team took into account such peculiarity as different prices setting for different groups of users. Moreover, the option of reviewing the prices becomes available only after the successful authentication process. Unauthorized users can not view the prices until they complete authentication.


A brand position attribute was suggested as the relevant solution and now it is possible to edit it on the product page, as well as filter it on the brand page. Our BelVG Magento certified software engineers performed SSL certificate configuration and Home was removed from the menu as per request of iWholesales. Some specific code changes were made so that the right Position can be shown in the sort block on a usual category page and brand page. This solution was considered to be the quickest to implement and the most suitable for Magento 2 advanced architecture.


Magento 2 Bug Fixing


We carried out Bug fixing to guarantee the stable work of the ecommerce website. For instance, we resolved issues with indexing, prices, order statuses and search process, improving the performance of the website and ensuring great customer experience for both sellers and clients. Besides, it was detected that system emails were not working and this problem was solved efficiently. The cart was fixed to enable a smooth checkout process providing excellent shopping experience.


A special module was set up by our Magento certified professionals which helped in API request debugging from Linnworks. After checking the issues with price calculation, we modified the Magento API to remove the British VAT after the product price importing from Linnworks. Thanks to this, the website performance was improved.


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