QA Website Audit for ILoveCarousel

Vintage clothing and apparel

ILoveCarousel is an online store fully dedicated to selling clothes, based in Dublin, Ireland. Inspired by the fashion trends of the 50s, 60s and 70s, the owners offer elegant vintage apparel, provided by various established brands. They also produce their own clothing range, which is bursting with a variety of colours and charming prints. The company can’t remain indifferent to serious environmental issues and they will have organic cotton products released by the spring 2021. As an eco-friendly company, this brand also pack the goods in a biodegradable material. IloveCarousels’s pieces help to express one’s unique personality and stand out with a splendid look. Comfortable and chic clothes allow you to get on with modern life in vintage style.


It is an excellent shopping experience and first-class customer service that create brand awareness and a solid reputation. This fact encouraged ILoveCarousel to turn to BelVG with a request for online store improvement. Today, the site includes a lot of useful features. The Facebook Pixel integration facilitates collecting information about users and setting up ads on Facebook. The Facebook Signal tool is used to surface relevant trends, photos, videos and posts from Facebook and Instagram for storytelling and reporting. The online store also contains a MailChimp integration which organizes mailing lists effectively and a Yotpo social widget which allows customers to read and write reviews. It has Klevu that is an innovative and reliable on-site search. To provide clients with a convenient payment process, the online store involves Maestro, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Stripe and PayPal payments. The DHL shipping integration advances the shipment procedures. The site uses the Amazon web hosting, the Nginx proxy server and the Amazon S3 CDN that ensure secure data storage.


Magento Front End Audit


To have a proper plan for further actions, it is reasonable to conduct an audit. Site audit is a comprehensive analysis of the crucial indicators, which shows current problems and weaknesses and helps to develop a strategy for their elimination. Cooperating with ILoveCarousel, the BelVG specialists carried out a front end audit for their webstore. Within the Magento Audit, our experts check the correct display of icons and test page loading speed. They also verify whether the buttons redirect users to the appropriate site sections. Front end errors prevent potential clients from gaining a sense of confidence in a seller. This often became a reason for choosing competitors’ online stores.


Front end quality strongly influences user experience. Appealing design, correct content structure, appropriate display of icons and text, accurate work of buttons along with relatively high page loading speed result in enjoyable interaction with the interface. The BelVG team worked with a lot of different projects and we have expertise in front end development. We know exactly how to identify attractive design, site strengths and weaknesses, as well as its competitive advantages.


Mobile Responsive Theme


In addition to computers, people have laptops, tablets and mobile phones at their disposal to surf the Internet or do online shopping. The screen size of different digital devices varies quite widely, so it is critical for a website to be responsive. Understanding how many shoppers make purchases with their phones, the BelVG agency came out with a mobile responsive theme for ILoveCarousel. It provides a clear and user-friendly interface for viewing on the small size screens. Thanks to the Magento responsive theme, website functionality remains full-fledged while offering convenient search, viewing of products and checkout forms.


Responsive design has a positive impact on the conversion rate as well as reduces the bounce rate. What is more, search engines promote sites that are easy to use from any device, therefore your resource will have more chances to occupy high positions in the search results. Examining the products of interest from mobile phones, potential buyers will never decide to make a purchase if they can’t see part of the picture or read the information. Consequently, responsive themes will help to avoid profit loss.


QA Website Audit


QA involves ensuring the quality of a software product at all stages of development. It is conducted to make the site development process efficient and evade mistakes and drawbacks in the finished website. BelVG delivered QA audit services to the ILoveCarousel company whereby site features and its operation were tested. Our specialists conduct an independent assessment of webstores or e-commerce solutions to guarantee their proper functioning.


QA audit is vital ahead of the release. Before launching an online store, you need to check that it meets the requirements and quality standards. If there are errors, they should be identified. Recommendations for their elimination should be developed and implemented on time. The BelVG skilled experts are good at quality and performance evaluation. Nothing will go unnoticed under the scrutiny of our seasoned developers.


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