Magento Development & Mageshop Theme for Grooming

A pioneer in male skin care is a well-known Swedish retailer that distributes shaving accessories, perfumery and body care for men. Started in 2004 with only 15 items on their online store they became a leader in providing products for Barbers’ shops in Sweden. With almost 15 years of experience, has succeeded in receiving several prestigious Swedish grooming awards. The company offers a wide selection of high-quality shaving accessories, such as adjustable razors, brushes, anti-beardruff oils, foams and lotions from the world’s best brands.


The Grooming company asked BelVG to help them with improving their website. We successfully developed a Magento 2 store for them, upgraded the web design implementing the Mageshop theme. We also provided high-quality support services for a long while. The website uses the OWL Carousel widget that enhances browsing experience, the DoubleClick tool organizes its ad stacks and the Mandrill tool help them gain insights on email campaign performance.


Magento Development


In search of different ways to optimize and speed up the webstore, Grooming decided to move their Magento website from the developers server to their own brand new server. This task required deep technical knowledge and appropriate experience in the field. Hiring certified Magento developers allowed Grooming to manage their webstore migration smoothly without difficulties and no data loss.


Our collaboration experience was so successful, that Grooming entrusted us to upgrade their webstore. Switching to a newer Magento version allowed them to apply the available security patches and make future interaction in their webstore easier. In addition, DoubleClick tool helps in organizing ad stacks and selling advertising inventory more efficiently.


Magento Webdesign


It is not enough just to update the ecommerce platform version to make your webstore look fresh and modern. Website design is what matters. As we upgraded the Magento version, Grooming received dozens of opportunities to improve their shop design. A clear understanding of how they want their webstore to look simplified our work significantly. After assessing all the company’s requirements we found several templates that were a perfect match for them.


It was our pleasure to know that Grooming chose BelVG theme Mageshop for their webstore. OWL Carousel allows creating an amazing responsive carousel slider which is fully customisable and boosts mobile browsing experience. Besides, New Relic is implemented to control application health and availability while monitoring the real user experience.


Magento Support & Maintenance


Running successful ecommerce websites with hundreds of products is a grind on a daily basis. Such a complex mechanism needs permanent attention from the whole of the team. Competent support and maintenance is an important condition for the effective and smooth running of the webstore. Grooming is a company which is constantly expanding with a large number of partners and multiple systems within one webstore that requires a lot of integrations.


Our main task during the Magento support was and remains to manage compatibility of third-party extensions used for the webstore operation. Moreover, the online store has Recaptcha for protection from spam and abuse. Besides, Mandrill email infrastructure service is implemented on the website for detailed analytics to gain insight on email messages performance.

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