Magento 2 Development for GlassesOnline

A huge range of prescription glasses for men and women

GlassesOnline is an Australian glass store that made buying glasses on the Internet easier than ever. Ever since 2006, when the company was established, they have been providing Australians with top-quality glasses at favourable prices. This allowed their customers to save over $2m on their glasses. GlassesOnline sells diverse prescription glasses and sunglasses, available with all the possible lenses and coating, which guarantees both clear vision and clients’ satisfaction. Whatever glasses customers look for: men’s or women’s, business or trendy, aviator, wayfarer or round, GlassesOnline have much to offer.


GlassesOnline wanted to enhance their Magento 2 online store and were looking for a reliable development team to partner with. That’s how our cooperation started. GlassesOnline needed to revamp the existing store to improve user experience and get higher positions in search results. Frontend adjustments were needed, as well as integrations installation and website speed optimization. Today, the GlassesOnline Magento store corresponds to all the modern-day requirements due to the range of cutting-edge solutions implemented. The store features front-rank integrations, such as Sumo Conversion Optimization tool for lower cart abandonment rate and higher average order value, and New Relic dashboard for user behavior monitoring and website performance maintenance. Marketing purposes are covered with MailChimp tool for email automation, and Zendesk Embeddables as survey tools and feedback forms. Company workflow is streamlined by Zendesk Dropbox, which facilitates the support tickets management. With PayPal payments, the payment process was made more convenient. The website is hosted on Amazon Web Hosting (AWH). It is built on Apache 2.2 web server and uses Amazon S3 CDN to store content.


Magento 2 Frontend Development


Nowadays, webstore appearance is one of the main components that influence potential customer’s first impression and general perception of a brand. That’s why Magento Frontend Development was one of the primary tasks, when BelVG started working with GlassesOnline. To reflect brand identity to the fullest, just choosing a suitable theme and installing it might not be enough. The Ultimo theme was a good decision itself, since it ensured user-friendly design on devices of all types. One other important point was individual theme configuration to keep all the Magento integrations and plugins compatible with the theme and ensure their smooth operation.


Theme configuration was not the only frontend goal of this project. To customize the theme and make the store look distinctive, the BelVG team made a few adjustments to the Ultimo theme to make it match GlassesOnline business image perfectly. Consequently, it improved the website’s navigation making it more convenient for a user.


Website optimization


Website optimization is one of the key requirements for successful ecommerce. Primarily, website speed is a matter of customer satisfaction. Usability and user-friendliness are not based solely on well-thought web design. Slow website speed results in poor user experience and discourages potential customers. Furthermore, website optimization is sufficient for SEO, because the more optimized a website is, the better search engine positions it gets. Bearing it in mind, GlassesOnline focused on website optimization.


The BelVG team revised both the frontend and backend of the store to accelerate website speed and ensure excellent user experience. Besides that, we also provided the GlassesOnline team with a list of tips on how to keep their webstore fast which is especially important when the website’s content is updated frequently. Boost your website performance with BelVG!


Magento 2 support


Running an ecommerce store, even minor issues matter. Inactive elements, bugs or downtimes can result in customer dissatisfaction or even loss of clients. Therefore, making sure that all the website parts function correctly is of vital importance. GlassesOnline decided to eliminate the risks and turned to the BelVG team for Magento 2 support. As a part of this long-term project, we assisted them in implementing the new necessary features and security improvements on time.


Ongoing webstore support is about monitoring website performance, timely installing the latest security patches, regularly upgrading an ecommerce platform, detecting bugs and much more, which means that your store is safe from any unexpected issues. That’s what the BelVG developers do to ensure that the GlassesOnline store runs smoothly. Reach out to our team and we will keep your website up-to-date.

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