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Gift Hampers is a Hong Kong-based online store providing gift hampers and a variety of treats. It specializes in gifts for special occasions, including anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, weddings, and many others. The Gift Hampers company also owns Gift Flowers and Gift Something online stores. The company offers free delivery for any of their unique gifts within the metropolitan areas of Hong Kong. The ultimate goal of Gift Hampers is to inspire the people with their beautiful gifts. Following an environmentally conscious approach, they use recyclable packaging and wrapping.


The Gift Hampers company was searching for skillful ecommerce specialists to help with their website improvement and chose the BelVG team of certified Magento developers for this task. First and foremost, we carried our migration to Magento 2, updated the extensions and designed a Magento template. Then, we enriched the delivery system with date and time slots, introduced gift message opportunities and revamped the checkout. Moreover, we managed to add a custom system for collecting data and created handy document inventory. Besides, the website has MailChimp as a mailing delivery and support service and LiveChat to streamline interaction between the company and their clients.

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Migration to Magento 2


When BelVG started its partnership with Gift Hampers, the company was running Magento 1 multi-store with Gift Flowers and Gift Something websites. Each site had its own catalog, delivery matrix and set of services powered by the same backend. In a few years, our client decided to enhance the website functionality with Magento 2 powerful features. As BelVG was familiar with the Gift Hampers business and knew all the website’s ins and outs, our team of certified developers was chosen to manage the online store migration to Magento 2.


We migrated the multi-store, saving all the orders and functionality. Using the migration as an opportunity to boost the website’s performance, we updated all the installed extensions to ensure their compatibility with Magento 2. We also upgraded the website’s appearance, turning Gift Hampers team’s design ideas into Magento 2 template. Thanks to Sitelinks Search Box clients can reach the content more quickly from search results.

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Magento Custom Development


BelVG Magento experts combined their development knowledge with Gift Hampers’ expertise in the industry in order to deliver an innovative and powerful website full of custom features. We enriched the standard delivery system with date, time slots and delivery matrix, which allowed customers to indicate the precise time of delivery for their suburb of Hong Kong. To move the Gift Hampers services to the next level, we added an opportunity to create a gift message that would be automatically printed out on the gift box.


Our experienced backend developers revamped the checkout and put all its steps in custom order to streamline the process for customers. Special attention was paid to the catalog development and migration as it consists entirely of product bundles. Besides, Facebook Pixel advertising tool is used on the website for collecting data and tracking conversions from Facebook ads. Cloudflare Rocket Loader automatically optimizes the pages to minimize the number of network connections and ensure that even third party resources won’t slow down page rendering.

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Magento Support and Maintenance


A huge part of ecommerce business success is a stable performance of the store. After years of successful experience with Gift Hampers, BelVG has proven to be a reliable ecommerce partner ready to face any challenge. To improve our client’s business processes, we implemented a custom system for data collection and created handy document inventory to pack and deliver orders at the right time. When working with Gift Hampers, we focused on improving their online store and streamlining the Magento 2 management process.


A lot of time was also spent on optimizing the Chinese-language version of the website. At BelVG, we work to help our clients reach their goals and we are proud to see them winning more market share. Besides, LiveChat makes interaction between the company and their clients easier. The MailChimp is used as a mailing delivery and support service. Thanks to WAI-ARIA, Web content and Web applications are made more accessible to people with disabilities due to advanced user interface control.

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