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Outdoorelegance is a well-known Australian company that offers modern and comfortable outdoor furniture. The company cooperates with trusted manufacturers to provide their customers with exquisite products according to the best traditions of outdoor furniture production. The product range includes tables and chairs, lounges, daybeds, garden furniture, umbrellas, etc. Outdoorelegance’s success lies in combination of three powerful factors: high-quality goods, reasonable prices and first-class customer service.


Like any other company, Outdoorelegance is aimed at sustainable growth and business development online, which became the reason for cooperation with BelVG. Our experienced team provided Outdoorelegance with support to make their website more stable and secure. Currently, it contains a wide variety of features. The website has Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, keeping convenience in managing marketing tools and Facebook Pixel integration for tracking user activity on the site and measuring the effectiveness of the ads, Fastly platform, which helps to analyze web and server traffic patterns in real-time. To provide live customer support instantaneously, the website is equipped with Zopim live chat widget, and to keep an eye on application health and availability while monitoring real user experience, it has New Relic dashboard. Moreover, the site is fitted with PayPal payments, reCAPTCHA, DoubleClick.Net for advertising, Mandrill email marketing automation service and many other useful features.


Magento Backend Audit


Magento is a complicated platform, but not for highly-qualified BelVG specialists, who provided Magento backend audit services as a part of the Outdoorelegance’s project. At this stage, the code quality is evaluated. There are a number of criteria to determine whether the code is written properly, for example, structure, readability, low resource usage, namely memory and CPU time, ease of support, debugging, changes and others. During the thorough backend audit, all website functions are tested to ensure they work correctly and there are no errors. Experts also examine the site in terms of user experience and user interface, because a website should be user-friendly and make a favorable impression regarding design. After the above, a report is delivered on the identified weaknesses and their urgency, which is a detailed step-by-step plan based on the detailed audit results. It contains information about the shortcomings and necessary measures to eliminate them.


If you want to get a comprehensive assessment of your website, the BelVG specialists will conduct a full audit and not a single disadvantage will be left unnoticed. You will receive a professionally designed plan to improve website productivity. We will make your online store bring maximum business results!


Magento Optimization


An essential point for Outdoorelegance is Magento optimization, which the company entrusted to the proficient BelVG team. Here, we consider the website loading speed, as it is of great importance for the user experience. High loading speed leads to positive emotions of the clients and more customer satisfaction. As a result, the bounce rate decreases while brand confidence and the number of potential clients grow. Besides, the loading speed can have a significant impact on ranking in search results. If a site is attractive not only to users, but also to search engines, it can occupy the leading positions in the search results without any obstacles to its further promotion.


Optimization is a complex process that requires appropriate knowledge and skills. We use reliable and efficient search algorithms and methods to optimize our customers’ websites. Your online store deserves to be ranked at the top of search results, so let’s make it happen.


Magento Support

To have a stable website that runs smoothly without any problems, it is reasonable to find a responsible and trustworthy partner who will provide high-quality Magento support. BelVG has become this kind of a partner for Outdoorelegance. We guarantee site security by implementing recent security patches eliminating the risk of confidential information leakage and making the site protected against intruders. We also conduct timely updates so that the site can work at full capacity and resist the newest threats. The BelVG team maintains site performance and all its principal functions. We ensure that the site is always available to users and displays information correctly. The BelVG specialists are good at troubleshooting so you can always rely on us.


We do our job to provide the best e-сommerce experience for you and your clients. We work hard so that you can reach the most incredible results in your sales. BelVG offers an individual approach to each project to bring all your ideas to life.


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