Magento New Relic Integration for Georgia Gun Store

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Georgia Gun Store is a firearms retailer from North Georgia, USA. The business was founded over 10 years ago, and now the company owns either brick-and-mortar and an online store selling firearms and accessories. Georgia Gun Store offers over 1,200 firearms, such as glocks, pistols, rifles and others. On their website, you can also find grips, holsters, knives, belts, high capacity magazines and many others items needed. Customers choose Georgia Gun Store for their best prices without the hassle of haggling.


When Georgia Gun Store became our business partner, their online store has already been running on Magento. But there was a problem – it didn’t meet all client’s requirements and needed lots of improvements. So, the BelVG developers got a task to update the webstore and make it work properly. During our work, we fixed existing problems, integrated in with top-notch solutions and managed its full optimization. Now Georgia Gun Store enjoys solutions like New Relic, Google Font API, and JotForm. Our teamwork resulted in an increase in sales by 31% and 44% in positive customer feedback. We continue our collaboration with Georgia Gun Store and manage the maintenance of their online shop.

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Magento Back End Development


Correct work of an online store is a deciding element of a good ecommerce business. Striving to synchronize the inventory file of Georgia Gun Store with a major distributor, we developed a special protocol. It helps update in-stock info every half an hour and export new product descriptions, pictures, and prices as often as it’s required. To level up the website, Georgia Gun Store also uses Fancybox. It is a tool that allows displaying images, html content and multimedia in a Mac style lightbox which floats overtop of a web page. We also added an opportunity to ask for price quotes and receive a purchase link via email.


Need reliable ecommerce partners? BelVG is your choice. We have over 15 years of experience on the market, work with certified specialists, follow top-notch technologies, and always keep improving our skills and knowledge.

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Magento Integrations & Optimization


Need more ecommerce opportunities? The BelVG team can integrate your online store with the latest tools and solutions for ecommerce. When Georgia Gun Store wanted to monitor their website performance, and understand customer needs, we offered to integrate their Magento store with New Relic. It is a SaaS that focuses on availability monitoring. New Relic uses Apdex score to monitor and rate applications performance across the website’s environment in a unified manner. To empower the Georgia Gun Store website, we provided JotForm – a powerful online app to quickly create custom online forms. It has an intuitive drag and drop form user interface which allows building forms fast, and with no need to write a single line of code.


Working with BelVG, you don’t need to worry about your business. We can always advise what solutions to integrate and how to level up your brand on the ecommerce market.

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Magento Support


If you think that a ready made website doesn’t require constant support or improvements, you are extremely wrong. To be sure that you provide good customer experience, and that your website works correct, you need to work with a team of developers who can monitor your site 24/7. So, Having improved the website, we continue our collaboration with Georgia Gun Store and manage the maintenance of their online shop. What do we do? We offer a fully impartial technical scan for vulnerabilities in a day, rapidly implement and update any patches and solutions, provide code audit, if needed, and many more. Ongoing support and maintenance guarantee that any bugs will be fixed in time, and the business owner won’t lose money.


Don’t want your website to fall down? Magento support service by BelVG is a serenity. Have a rest, while we maintain your ecommerce website at a high performance level.

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