Georgia Gun Store

Georgia Gun Store is a firearms retailer from North Georgia, USA. The business started ten years ago and today owns a brick-and-mortar store and a webstore selling firearms and accessories. The company has over 1 200 firearms in stock and offer the best prices without the hassle of haggling.


Mobile responsive





Georgia Gun Store had already working Magento online store, but it didn’t meet all client’s requirements and needed an improvement. Our task was to update the webstore and make it work properly.




During our work, we fixed existing problems, improved the current webstore and managed its full optimization.


Back End


The most important thing to do during our collaboration was to ensure the correct work of the inventory system. To synchronize the inventory file of Georgia Gun Store with a major distributor we developed a special protocol. It helps to update in-stock quantities every half an hour and export new products descriptions, pictures, and prices as often as required.


The business processes and shipping of the products at GGS has their own peculiarities and rules that Magento needs to stick to. Setting up of those rules and adjustment of the system was a must for better performance. Besides, the customers are allowed to find a dealer from which he can purchase his product.


We also added an opportunity to require price quotes and receive a purchase link via email.


Increased sales and positive customers feedback are results of our teamwork. We continue our collaboration with Georgia Gun Store and managed the maintenance of their online shop.

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