WooCommerce theme development for FrenchSoaps

Soaps from the South of France

French Soaps is a company that offers authentic and hand-crafted soaps trusted for generations for gentle care. In the 6th century masters mixed fresh olive oils with ashes from Mediterranean plants to create soaps. Now, the company’s craftsmen follow these traditional techniques and create true masterpieces. Only pure olive and palm oils with fragrance are used to make a soap with delicate aroma and exceptional quality. If you want to find first-class body care and show love for yourself, you discover it valuable and enjoyable to visit the company’s website.


To provide customers with excellent shopping experience, our partner decided to improve site performance and turned to BelVG for development services. Our team worked on the Woocommerce web design and theme development as well as executed technical SEO. Currently, the webstore involves Mixpanel for building funnels and work-flow optimization. It also has a Mailite Lite for easy signup form and Mailgun hosting to send, receive, track and store emails effortlessly. Such useful plugins as Yoast WordPress SEO, Mashshare WordPress, Wordfence Security are set up to ensure high efficiency, extensive functionality and security. The webstore is equipped with helpful PayPal products, namely PayPal button, express checkout and checkout payment gateway. The Slaask live chat widget and the LiveAgent ticketing system improve customer support greatly. The website uses Cloudflare hosting and Nginx proxy server guaranteeing secure data storage.


WooCommerce web design


Within the cooperation with French Soaps, the BelVG developers designed a web user interface. We developed the web resource structure, ensuring its convenience and user-friendliness. The clients’ first impression is formed based on the site’s appearance and content organization. Appealing, modern and stylish design along with ease of navigation motivate users to learn more about the company and its products. Attractive look contributes to the brand’s reputation. Besides, If your webstore has a custom-made unique design, it will stand out among those of competitors drawing more target audience’s attention.


The BelVG agency have been working with web design development for over 10 years. We can undertake creation of both a completely exclusive product for a specific order and a design solution predicated on templates. We are attentive to each project and take into account all the client’s requirements and wishes. We can create a web design in accordance with the best practices while it will retain its uniqueness.


WooCommerce theme development


Based on the new high-quality design, the BelVG professionals developed the WooCommerce theme. Theme is responsible for the site appearance and therefore affects user experience. It should also provide a convenient site view for customers who use mobile phones and other devices with a small screen. In addition, theme plays a key role in the web resource perception not only by Internet users, but also by search engines.


Choosing a theme is one of the key steps in setting up a WordPress website. It will determine not only resource appearance but also its functionality. When considering different variants, choose the one that corresponds to the Internet resource goals and subject matters. The main purpose of a good theme is to help visitors find necessary information. It should be presentable and easy to use.


WooCommerce on-page technical SEO


Technical SEO is the improvement of hidden website settings to increase its position in search results ranking. A webstore can have a splendid design and original content but stay at the list bottom due to technical errors. Delivering on-page technical SEO services for the French Soaps company, we provided online store security, pages high loading speed and optimization for mobile devices. A lot of large images and files entails slowing down loading speed, that is why pictures and javascript optimization should be also conducted.


Search engines strive to show users the best results for their queries, so they evaluate web pages according to various parameters. Technical optimization helps search engines understand your site and stimulate its active promotion. For many years of experience, the BelVG experts comprehend the search engines requirements and “whims”. We can help you to reach higher positions in search results and it is likely to give rise to profit increase.

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