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Filterway is an American water purification equipment supplier located in Oceanside, New York. It’s an experienced company with a knowledgeable team dedicated to providing good water, oil, and air filtering solutions to their customers. The Filterway online retail store offers reasonably priced whole house filters, water and air filtration systems, sediment, carbon, mineral filters, and many other products. The municipal water infrastructure in many American households is aging, but Filterway is here to offer state-of-the-art solutions customers need to purify their homes. Clean water is an essential component for a healthy lifestyle, and there can be no doubt that a water filter is a worthwhile investment.


Magento Development


Initially, Filterway was running a WordPress-based website with a WooCommerce plugin. As the store was growing together with a number of products, orders, and customers, it was decided to move to another platform that would be more appropriate for running a business online. Created for ecommerce from the very beginning, Magento turned out to be a perfect solution which not only met current Filterway’s requirements but also provided the project with opportunities to scale. Having a successful experience in ecommerce development and knowing Magento in its tiny details, BelVG was choosing to manage the procedure of replatforming. With accurate project managers and skillful developers in our team, we delivered the Magento website that surpassed all expectations.


Magento Webdesign


Being an open-source system, Magento provides its clients with both back and front end customization options. With such freedom in the development process, it’s possible to create a unique online store with a bespoke design and functionality. Choosing the template for the website, Filterway wanted to customize some of the elements and make the store look fresh. The company’s main aim was to create an easy to use design that would encourage customers to get back to the homepage. BelVG creative designers together with front end developers released all our client’s ideas and delivered a fresh and clean website design that looked great through different devices and browsers.


Magento Support & Maintenance


Online store development is an endless process. As business grows and changes through time, a website should be in line with its requirements. First-class support and maintenance are what every ecommerce website needs to provide smooth operation and apply changes as fast as possible. During our long-term cooperation with Filterway, we not only customized dozens of extensions and installed security patches, but also turned our client’s website into a Magento multistore. To ensure its flawless performance, BelVG’s innovative development team managed shipping and payment systems integrations and made front end changes to adapt the website to the French language.

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