Filterway is a water purification equipment supplier located in Oceanside, New York. The company has great experience and specialists with a great knowledge that are dedicated to the company’s mission to provide good water filtering solutions to their customers. Whole house filters and filtration systems, sediment, carbon, mineral filters are just a few names to mention in a bunch of variations and brands available in the online retail store.


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The initial requirement we received was the migration from the existing website to another platform which would eventually become more swift, stable and meet the website’s needs. If you visited at that time, you would notice the WordPress basis in connection with the Woocommerce shopping plugin. However, as the store grows, the number of products, orders, customers increase, the website requires new features and at times it is better to accomplish with another system which can process all the operations going on. Counting thousands of products, the integration with marketplaces was placing additional load on the webshop.


At that point the client decided to move to another system that can be a good substitution to his platform and give the potential to the project for a boost. There were several options that were preferable at that period of time including ready-made platforms and frameworks but the choice was made in favor of Magento due to its flexibility, capabilities to withstand a large number of records in the database and readiness for custom solutions.




The objective is to migrate to Magento 1.9


1. Defining the scope of the project, designing a plan with all the priorities placed.

Having received the scope of the project, we created a plan and placed the priorities which we sticked to. Frankly speaking, migration from one platform to another may just sound simple, but in a reality it involves so many things to take care of, that it can easily be compared to creating a new website from scratch.


2. Database migration.

The first thing we began with was the migration of the database. We examined the database of products with their attributes, categories with the catalog structure, customers and orders, and imported them to the installation of Magento. Once the database was filled, we turned to front-end.


3. Theme customization.

As far as the appearance of the website is concerned, we were given a purchased theme that was already installed by us, and which needed to be changed to resemble the live webshop. Above all, the client wanted us to take care of certain elements in the website appearance in order to look fresh and encouraging for the customers to get back to the home page. At that point, our design team joined the project and helped to create the header, the footer and some other elements of the newly created online store. Careful attention was paid to the mobile and tablet version which we couldn’t leave unnoticeable.


4. Back-end development.

While the front-end developer was involved in alignment and styling works, the back-end developer was engaged in installation and configuration of extensions. They included the menu module, the extension for the layered navigation on the catalog pages, the configuration of the search so that it can return correct results for titles and SKU and definitely the shipping and payment modules.


Eventually all the works on front-end and back-end were completed and Filterway went live. The Magento shop started functioning on a full scale with a new look and fresh ideas implemented. Many BelVG team members participated in this project and all of us are happy to see it working and growing which, I think, is a result of good team work.

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