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Figmation is an online store that provides a large variety of distinctive goods for your entertainment. Since 2012, the company has been selling a wide range of products, including anime, cosplay and robot figures. Inspired by comic books, anime, and movie characters, Figmation offers a variety of distinctive merchandise and the best quality service for their customers.


Figmation relied on BelVG to improve and support their PrestaShop store. The company wanted to improve the website functionality and eliminate bugs and technical issues to provide their clients with a great shopping experience. Today, the store is enhanced with top-notch solutions, including OWL Carousel. This plugin provides beautiful responsive carousel elements, which are fully customizable. Moreover, Figmation uses ThemePunch to adorn their online store with pro-level dynamic content. The website is integrated with the Fancybox tool, which allows the sellers to display content in animated popups. Based in Singapore, Figmation offers their products to clients all over the world. It is possible due to the TranslateThis widget, which translates the website into 65 languages, and the Singapore Post shipping integration facilitates international shipping. The company uses Google Cloud Hosting based on nginx proxy server.


PrestaShop Audit


No matter what the scope of the website improvements is, a PrestaShop audit should be the first step of ecommerce development. A comprehensive webstore audit provides a full picture of weaknesses, shows what needs to be adjusted, added or removed to enhance the performance. With a preliminary PrestaShop audit you will be protected from unexpected technical issues and will have a clear plan for further development.


Figmation wanted to upgrade their online store and solve technical issues. Therefore, PrestaShop audit was a necessity to detect website’s vulnerabilities and understand which frontend and backend aspects need to be improved. The BelVG developers carried out a detailed website analysis, reviewed website components and assessed loading speed, caching processes and security. After that, we had a clear vision of the store’s drawbacks and how to improve them.


PrestaShop Development


Requirements for ecommerce are higher than ever today and the web is constantly changing, bringing new development standards, best practices and pioneering features. Thus, implementing cutting-edge solutions is an essential condition to keep an online business successful. And with a reliable PrestaShop development team you can take your store to a whole new level, improving competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


The BelVG developers have vast experience in PrestaShop development and customization. We constantly keep track of top-notch solutions and integrations available for PrestaShop and have a clear understanding of how to apply the latest tendencies for your store. Figmation decided to turn to BelVG for PrestaShop development to provide their store with additional features such as international shipping options and advanced dynamic elements in order to grow globally and attract more customers.


PrestaShop Support


For growing ecommerce businesses, it is extremely important to keep an eye on the website performance to make sure that a website successfully deals with the traffic load. Moreover, an online store should always work smoothly to provide excellent services for the clients. Here is where PrestaShop support comes, ensuring that an online store won’t be prone to potential vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks. With qualified PrestaShop support, all the software issues are identified and solved before they lead to serious technical problems.


Figmation aims to provide excellent shopping experience to their customers, so one of our main tasks was to guarantee excellent bug-free website operation. Bearing customer satisfaction in mind, the BelVG developers monitor website performance regularly and ensure steady work and high loading speed. We implement the latest security patches and carry out upgrades to keep the store protected and provide new functionality. Thanks to PrestaShop support from BelVG, Figmation has a reliable online store with more customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

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