Mailchimp Magento Integration for eVino

Catering for the most sophisticated tastes of wine and cuisine lovers all over the world

eVino is a Slovenian company that specializes in exquisite wines both from domestic and foreign brands. Initially the company was established 14 years ago under the slogan Winery, and that was the time when their glorious journey of wine, food and socializing began. In the deep cellars of eVino the wine from more than 900 labels and 150 winemakers is kept, and caring sellers can always give you valuable advice on what kind of wine to select for your special occasion. Not only the wide range of winery you can find in the shop, but also a rich selection of other spirits, as well as soft drinks, coffees and teas from well-known brands. The eVino company also provides several services for their customers like wine list making, glass rental and catering. In addition, you can purchase gourmet delicacies such as premium oil, vinegar, tomato sauce and Pata negra, as well as refined wine accessories like famous Riedel glasses, books, gift packaging and vouchers.


First and foremost, the eVino company asked our BelVG team of seasoned Magento certified developers to perform support services in order to ensure smooth and reliable performance of the ecommerce store. Secondly, integration of the online store with their customized ERP system was carried out, which is used to keep a record of orders, products in stock and their clients. Integration was carried out in five steps of data synchronization: stock sync editing, order synchronization in OpPIS editing, price synchronization editing in Magento,  customer sync editing in OpPIS, product creation sync editing. Moreover, Magento web design and theme development services were provided. However, the company made a decision to keep Magento 1 ecommerce platform and not to migrate to Magento 2 version.


Magento Integration


To keep the online store relevant and up-to-date, every merchant should bear in mind that it is of pivotal importance to perform timely integration of his ecommerce website. In order to improve the performance of the eVino ecommerce website our talented Magento certified developers carried out several integrations of their online shop to enhance its functioning. For example, our seasoned software development engineers made integrations of the Magento ecommerce platform with the customized ERP system of the shop. This system originally was used to keep a record of products in stock, customers and their orders and store this data safely. MailChimp Integration was installed by our talented coders as a widely used Mailing delivery and support service.


Integration that was our primary task was carried out in five elaborate steps. This task included five stages of data synchronization. Firstly, stock sync was edited, secondly, the order synchronization in OpPIS was edited. Afterwards, the price synchronization editing took place in Magento, then the customer sync editing was performed in OpPIS. Lastly, product creation synchronization underwent the process of editing. The performed actions took the ecommerce website to the next level of functioning and the users of the eVino online store can enjoy the improved work of the online shop, which leads to the increased customer satisfaction.


Magento Web Design and Theme Development


After the successful completion of integration that consisted of five structured steps, the eVino company asked our team of seasoned high-fliers in the field of ecommerce development to perform other services as well. When the eVino company asked BelVG to help them with their Magento ecommerce website design, they had a specific design on their mind which they intended to use. The company provided our software engineers with the suggestion of a new design and a new theme that they are willing to implement in their online store to enhance the user experience of their clients.


The major goal of our designers was to study the prototype they suggested, improve it and implement. After having created the final version of web design, our seasoned professionals managed to develop an amazing theme that corresponds to the tastes and preferences of the client. At the moment Ultimo premium Magento theme with advanced admin module is used.


Magento Support and Maintenance


The eVino company asked our BelVG certified developers to perform Magento support services in order to ensure stable and reliable work of their online store. To avoid possible troubles with functioning, ensure smooth and stable performance and achieve remarkable productivity of your ecommerce website it is of ultimate importance to provide constant support to the website and not to forget about the needed maintenance. At the moment, the ContentExchange instrument is used as an ad network.


Hotjar usage statistics is implemented as a heatmap, survey and funnel application to help with feedback forms, surveys, conversion optimization and audience measurement. Our Magento software development engineers provided high-quality support and maintenance services to eVino and guaranteed the reliable work of the ecommerce website. Having done this, impeccable shopping experience was ensured for their clients which led to the increase in  customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

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