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Immaculately cut shirts

Emmett London was founded in 1992 by Robert Emmett. Today, the company is famous for their immaculately cut and well-finished men’s shirts. They specialize in both off-the-peg and made-to-measure shirts, and offer a wide range of styles, including formal, smart-casual and casual. In addition to the finest men’s shirts, Emmet London also has a selection of ties, pocket squares and cufflinks, everything to go with a splendid Emmett London Shirt.


A functional and attractive online store is an important component of solid company reputation and good image, that is why Emmett London decided to cooperate with BelVG. As a result of our partnership, the company’s website is full of useful features and integrations. Currently, it contains Klaviyo integration, which is one of the best email marketing apps. The MailChimp integration organizes email lists and Privy helps to grow the email list by using website banners, popups, and exit intent. The store is equipped with the Foursixty widget to add an Instagram feed, Amazon CloudFront to enhance content delivery, and the DoubleClick.Net tool to create effective advertising campaigns. The online store offers customers a variety of modern and convenient payment methods, such as Shopify Pay, MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay, American Express, PayPal, and Google Pay. DHL shipping integration facilitates the control of the shipment process. The site is hosted on Cloudflare hosting.


Shopify Integration


Modern integrations expand the capabilities of Shopify online store and make it more convenient and manageable both for customers and the owners. Integration implementation allows you to cover all the challenges and enhance functionality. Today, Emmett London’s website benefits from Klaviyo integration and MailChimp integration. Klaviyo is a customer lifecycle management platform, which also can deliver mailing list statistics and sales reports. MailChimp helps to carry out various mail operations and form a customer base. You can use it to monitor sales dynamics and assess the overall demand data.


Integrations allow you to streamline many processes of the online store, which increases business efficiency and profitability. Integration with third-party systems requires time, skills, and a professional approach. We will help you choose and implement necessary integrations to make your store even more productive and functional.


Shopify Design


Modern design helps solve all theusers’ problems promptly and allows them to find the needed sections and information easily. The first thing a client sees is the site design. A stylish, eye-pleasing design attracts clients to your store, and an unattractive one can cause customer loss in favor of your competitors. Working with the Emmett London’s store, the BelVG developers improved its design in terms of both the user experience and the user interface. Shopping on a beautiful, modern and convenient website is a pleasure for customers and if they enjoy the process they tend to make more purchases.


With the right approach, website design becomes a powerful marketing tool. The appealing and user-friendly design encourages customers to buy more products and services on your website. A store should alsohave a responsive design, since a large percentage of traffic is received on mobile devices and it is extremely important to make the quality of the content mobile-friendly. Finally, keep in mind that the site usability and appearance affect its position in the search results.


Shopify Support and Maintenance


High-quality timely site technical support guarantees its high performance and constant availability for customers. Incorrect online store operation reduces profit and lowers positions in the search results. By entrusting BelVG with their Shopify webstore maintenance, the merchants from Emmet London know for sure that their site always works properly. We provide the latest security patches implementation, system updates, and troubleshooting of technical problems promptly.


Without proper technical support, the site becomes vulnerable to external threats. There is a risk of information leakage, system hacking, theft of money and confidential data. The BelVG specialists will help you ensure site security and reliability. Competent technical website maintenance is the key to stable business growth.

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