PrestaShop Development for EcoRide

E-bikes for more convenient life

EcoRide is a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden selling electric bikes. Since 2008, the company has been manufacturing e-bikes that make life more convenient and eco-friendly. EcoRide’s products are among the best on the Nordic market, being good for people, their wallets and the environment.


During our cooperation with EcoRide, the main focus was PrestaShop customization and adding unique tailor-made features to their website. We developed a custom menu and added advanced product view options. Today, EcoRide’s PrestaShop store is running smoothly and has a few efficient features. Klarna Checkout is a top-notch checkout solution that offers multiple payment methods. Advertising and marketing is powered with DoubleClick.Net, which helps create and manage high-impact marketing campaigns, and DoubleClick Bid Manager gives access to ad spaces in real-time. With the Intercom tool, EcoRide can effectively build customer relationships through messaging options. Trustpilot allows EcoRide to show real product reviews and, therefore, grow customer trust and enhance the shopping experience. Integrated payment methods include Visa and MasterCard payments. As for deployment, EcoRide uses the Netlify web hosting, which is based on the Apache 2.2 web server.


PrestaShop Audit


At the beginning of development, it is significant to get a clear understanding of what drawbacks a website has. For this purpose, PrestaShop audit is indispensable, since it allows to detect vulnerabilities and obstacles to ensure successful development. Detailed system assessment paves the way for further enhancements, showing what bottlenecks need to be improved and what issues have to be solved.


Before the development of a new feature for EcoRide’s PrestaShop store, the BelVG team needed to make sure that the website was fully operating and no serious issues could happen during the development. We carried out a comprehensive PrestaShop audit to evaluate critical aspects of the website such as web design, loading speed, security and many others. Realizing weak and strong points of the website, the BelVG developers knew how to organize the process of development more efficiently.


PrestaShop Development


Top-level ecommerce platforms like PrestaShop provide a lot of advanced features for website personalization. New versions of the platform bring new features that can make your store stand out from competitors. And with custom PrestaShop development almost any desired functionality can be implemented, from tailor-made website elements to custom ERP systems. Using unconventional development solutions together with best ecommerce practices can raise customer satisfaction and boost conversions.


EcoRide understood that adding distinctive features to their store could bring numerous advantages over competitors. During our partnership, one of the main requirements was the creation of a personalized menu and the development of advanced view features for category pages. The BelVG team created a menu with a possibility to select the brand of the bike. Besides, we developed a quick view for products of each category so that customers can select the size of a bike and see how it looks in different colors even before entering the product page. With these useful features, EcoRide can meet the clients’ expectations by providing a convenient product display for a better customer experience.


PrestaShop Support


Websites change over time, new products are added, client databases are expanded and new features are implemented. Ecommerce businesses should pay great attention to their store health, because even minor bugs, technical issues or security vulnerabilities can lead to more serious problems that can’t be solved quickly. Therefore, PrestaShop support is a great solution to monitor the online store and regularly install version updates.


After the BelVG team developed the new feature for EcoRide’s PrestaShop website, it was necessary to provide ongoing website support to ensure that the website performance was stable. Providing PrestaShop Support, our experienced developers monitor website health, quickly implement the latest security patches and perform updates. BelVG provides qualified technical support to solve ongoing technical issues on time and ensure excellent website performance for customers.


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