Magento Development for DocHorse

Premium equestrian products

DocHorse is a Dutch online store specializing in delivering goods for professional equestrian athletes in Europe. Here you will find a wide range of products necessary for proper feeding, grooming, veterinary care, equipment and supplies. The company provides first-class goods that meet all quality standards, as well as wishes of athletes and horse owners. The company makes equestrian sports comfortable, safe and enjoyable.


The DocHorse’s desire for a reliable, productive website and sustainable development led the company to partnership with BelVG. In the course of our cooperation, the company’s online store was equipped with new advantageous features. Currently, its website has New Relic integration, designed for performance monitoring, and MailChimp, which allows to effectively manage mailings and interact with a large audience. The site also includes Facebook Pixel integration to track conversion for ads on Facebook and Zopim live chat widget to get feedback from customers. For simplified organization of advertising campaigns, the DocHorse uses DoubleClick.Net tool. With PayPal payment, the company makes the customers shopping experience more pleasant and convenient. The website passed certification and received trust badges, which confirms its safety and reliability. It is hosted on Hypernode and leading Northwest Europe mass web hoster Combell Group.


Magento 2 Frontend Development


While implementing DocHorse’s project, BelVG was developing the visible part of the site, i.e. the user interface. We worked on the theme layout to make users’ interaction with the site as convenient as possible. Special attention was paid to adaptive design, as nowadays more and more preference is given to mobile phones and devices with large-format screens. Our skilled developers have also made some corrections to the frontend to improve the site external functionality.


When it comes to frontend or backend issues, it is better to entrust the work to specialists. High-quality code has a positive effect on website promotion, ensures the correct display of information and guarantees stable operation of the functionality. These factors increase customer loyalty and have a beneficial influence on the company’s image.


Magento Local Hosting


For smooth operation of an online store, it is vitally important to choose an appropriate hosting provider. To make the right decision, DocHorse turned to BelVG for help. We consider the size of the store, the amount of traffic it receives and then choose the best variant. However, regardless of a Magento store size, your hosting provider should offer the following features: security, high speed, compatibility, technical support. Our experts will help to make a choice and provide server configuration services for web hosting if necessary.


The type and quality of hosting significantly affects your project success. The main function of hosting is to provide fast and uninterrupted access to the site. Your profit depends on the stable website operation. If you want to take a step towards efficient site performance, BelVG will help to choose a hosting provider that meets your goals, capabilities and needs.


Magento 2 Support and Maintenance


Currently, web development is making progress with the help of cutting-edge technologies. The website must be maintained and improved by professionals to meet all current requirements and trends. WithBelVG Magento 2 maintenance, DocHorse knows for sure that its site is stable and has no malfunctions. Our specialists constantly update site features and security measures in accordance with the latest developments and innovations. In case of interruptions in the site operation, we fix errors and provide debugging services.


You should always make sure that the website works smoothly and is filled with up-to-date information on time. To make purchases, anyone will choose a safe, reliable, modern website with relevant content, working links and pages. High-quality support of an online store creates a favorable impression and inspires confidence among customers. BelVG will provide Magento maintenance and contribute to a solid reputation of your brand.


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