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Build healthy with natural hardwood, floors and doors

Deine Tür is a manufacturer and retailer of the widest selection of modern and classical doors in the German-speaking countries. Deine Tür always delivers beautifully designed doors and doorsets to meet any client’s needs. With a special focus on healthcare, safety, security and noise reduction the company has been offering customized doors since 1947. Excellent customer service and attention to every detail from carefully crafted doors to the selection of the most trusted suppliers is what defines the image of Deine Tür.


When searching for the ways to upgrade their website, Deine Tür found our BelVG ecommerce agency and asked us for help. First of all, our aim was client account customization and updating. Then, we set up PayPal Plus as a payment gateway and introduced shipping cost calculations and a delivery system. Besides, our talented developers ensured compatibility of the installed extensions and integrated Cobby management system. The Deine Tür website is integrated with Hotjar which is a heatmap, survey and funnel application for conversion optimization and audience measurement. They also use DoubleClick that helps in organizing ad stacks and selling advertising inventory more efficiently.


Custom Magento Development


There are no two identical businesses and therefore there cannot be two similar online shops. When choosing Magento as their ecommerce platform, merchants have plenty of opportunities to customize their webstores and embed it with dozens of unique features. This approach helps stay ahead of competitors and provide a better shopping experience for the customers. We started collaboration with Deine Tür with client account customization.


The aim was to get a relevant client base with up-to-date information. To achieve this goal, our development team created a special requirement for the registration date: if the password is too old, the customer will be forced to renew it. The delivery system was also customized so that shipping cost can be calculated according to the delivery point and other major details.


Magento Support & Maintenance


Support and maintenance is a significant part of the development because every ecommerce website should function efficiently to avoid losing clients and profit. Working with certified developers is a guarantee of high-qualified and timely help no matter what issues or bugs may appear.


During the cooperation with Deine Tür, we monitored the compatibility of the installed extensions to prevent conflicts between them and the ecommerce platform. We also paid special attention to their customization so that our client can achieve the desired unique webstore functionality.


Magento Integration


Every business has its specific requirements and a successful top-notch online store should be in line with them. The ecommerce platform should be scalable, configurable and compatible with all the integrations businesses may need.


Working with Magento as a webstore base, Deine Tür needed to synchronize it with the services they used to work with. We helped them integrate and customize the Cobby management system to make the products editing process as easy and fast as possible. We also customized PayPal Plus extension to provide its decent integration with Magento.

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Review - DeineTuer

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