Shopify Development for Deep Calm

The best weighted blankets for improved sleep in the UK

Deep Calm company was established in the beginning of 2019 with the aim to design amazing products to help you sleep better and get more relaxation at night. Their primary focus is luxurious smooth weighted blankets that are made of breathable cotton. Exquisite cosy blankets embrace your body and create serene vibes that will fill your nights with pleasant tranquility, relaxation and the deepest calm ever possible. Heavy blankets of modern design help reduce stress, fight anxiety and insomnia and improve your health and quality of life. After a good night’s sleep under the Deep Calm blankets, you will wake up refreshed and refocused ready for a new day.


Deep Calm company chose a user-friendly ecommerce platform Shopify to build their online store. The company is eager to provide excellent services and implements cutting-edge technologies in the work of their online store on the Shopify ecommerce platform. They decided to resort to the advice from BelVG seasoned experts in Shopify to help with their website development. The major desires expressed to the devoted team of Shopify developers were frontend adjustments, website optimization and bug fixing. One of the improvements was the addition of an email form which led to an increased number of emails received. The review stars were placed to the right of the price and were made more clickable. The Add to Cart button was changed into a Buy Now Button that leads the potential customer straight to the checkout and simplifies the process of making a purchase on the website.


Shopify Front End Improvement


Shopify Frontend was improved by the BelVG Shopify team of developers. Customization features were enhanced according to the client’s preferences in order to enhance customer experience and total performance of the Deep Calm ecommerce website. The header bar was edited as desired by the customer and the Menu button and Cart button were removed. Certain changes were introduced to the admin panel as well: FAQ was added to the product details section. Besides, the product recommendations bar was added to the Deep Calm website.


A shipping / returns policy call out was placed underneath the Add to cart bar. It doesn’t just lead to another page of Deep Calm as required by the Customer, but it was made clickable showing a pop-up text box. The 3 guarantees section under the ATC button was combined with the Better sleep, comfy year-round section, and the appearance of the website was improved achieving the next level of customization.


Shopify website optimization


The Customer asked the BelVG Shopify Development Team to optimize the performance of their ecommerce website. Experienced Shopify developers made the Deep Calm online store more user-friendly and easy to navigate. The way the prices are displayed was changed: now the buyers will see such numbers as 34.99, not 35. This is an effective marketing strategy that leads to an increased amount of successful sales.


Another client’s wish was to make review stars more clickable. Shopify developers from BelVG transformed this feature and now when you click the review stars, the page will scroll down automatically in order to exhibit the reviews section of the page immediately. After the introduction of these changes, the Deep Calm online store performance was optimized which led to an increased level of customer satisfaction and improved shopping experience of their clients.


Shopify bug fixing


Shopify Developers executed profound bug fixing on the Deep Calm ecommerce website so that their potential customers who are interested in buying weighted blankets could enjoy smooth and stable work of the online store.


Previously Deep Calm reported such performance issues as the incorrect display of product pictures. They went all the way to the edge of the screen. This bug was fixed by the BelVG Shopify Development Team and now this feature of the ecommerce website behaves properly. In the Footer Section, the unnecessary links were removed and only logo, disclaimer and payment provider icons remained. The text “Add to Cart” was reported to be displayed in the upper case. It was transformed into a sentence case for better customer experience.

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