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First-class steaks and other Franconian specialties

ClickandGrill is a German company that offers first-class steaks and other Franconian specialties. Fresh meat is conveniently delivered to your home nationwide. Products are produced directly by the butcher’s shop, which guarantees freshness and high quality of gourmet meat. The range of products includes pork steaks, beef steaks, sausages, marinades and much more.


ClickandGrill was in search of a reliable partner to upgrade their Magento store and add new functionality. With vast experience in Magento development, BelVG was the right candidate. Currently the store works smoothly and is powered with the following robust features. The Facebook Like Button integration allows to add like buttons both to the category and product pages. Buttons are fully customizable, so color, font, layout style or size can be changed to match web design perfectly. As for website security, Recaptcha is used to protect the store from spam and abuse. Web analytics is boosted with Matomo. It is a robust digital marketing platform that provides traffic statistics and conversion optimization. Besides, Amazon Pay, which is one of the most popular payment gateways, allows customers to complete online transactions easily. ClickandGrill’s Magento store is based on the Mittwald web hosting and the Apache web server.


Migration to Magento 2


For online business owners staying up-to-date is of vital importance, since it concerns security and functionality which is directly related to competitive strength. Among various Magento updates, migration to Magento 2 is a must for sustainable work of the store. Magento 2 is an innovative platform that provides many advantages over Magento 1 such as faster page loading, integrated payment and delivery options, improved security and regular updates. Moreover, Magento 1 official support has ended, which means that the latest security patches and bug fixes are not provided and third-party integrations are not supported.


When we started to partner with ClickandGrill, website security and performance were our main focus, so migration to Magento 2 was essential. With Magento 1 the store was vulnerable to potential attacks and spam, and this problem needed to be solved. The BelVG developers duplicated all the databases, settings and media and migrated them to the new platform. After migration, ClickandGrill can be sure the store is future-proof and secure with regular updates and cutting-edge features.


Magento Integration


Magento is a flexible and scalable ecommerce platform. It can be tailored for businesses of any type and size. Due to a wide range of third-party extensions and integrations available on the market, Magento can be easily integrated with almost any feature. A store can be connected to different kinds of platforms and systems such as EPR systems, marketing platforms or PIM systems. Moreover, basic Magento on-site functionality can be enhanced greatly with search integrations, multiple payment and shipping methods.


Magento integrations help to build personalized stores with versatile functionality that stand out among competitors. ClickandGrill wanted to take every opportunity to enhance their store, so Magento integration was a perfect decision. One of the integrations is Matomo – an open source digital marketing platform. It provides advanced web analytics tools, including detailed reports, heatmaps and funnels. What is more, ClickandGrill’s store is integrated with Amazon pay, which adds an Amazon Pay button to the cart and enables quick and secure transactions. Thanks to Magento Integration, ClickandGrill’s Magento shop has all the necessary functionality to cope with daily challenges and attract more customers.


Magento 2 Support & Maintenance


Even the most stable website can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks or unexpected technical issues. For ecommerce stores unresolved technical issues can mean client dissatisfaction and even loss of customers. So, if you are not ready to address these problems quickly, consequences might be disappointing. Fortunately, there is a way out. Magento 2 support and maintenance helps predict and detect technical issues on time and quickly solve the problems if something unexpected happens.


Ongoing Magento Support and Maintenance from BelVG means your store is stable and secure, because we monitor website performance on a regular basis and keep the system up-to-date. ClickandGrill uses the store support to ensure their Magento shop’s smooth work. The BelVG developers keep an eye on the latest security patches and implement them timely. We make regular upgrades of Magento to provide full functionality and better shopping experience.


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