Magento Development for Camo Formal

Camouflage-accented formalwear

Camo Formal is a US-based online wedding store that sells women’s, children’s and men’s camouflage and camo-accented formalwear and accessories. The company combines traditional approach to wedding formalwear with unique camouflage patterns to manufacture bridal, prom, and homecoming clothing.


Camo Formal wanted to improve their Magento store, so the company relied on the BelVG developers to solve technical issues, revamp website appearance and functionality. After all the enhancements, the store has a modern web design and up-to-date functionality. Nowadays, Camo Formal’s online store has several top-notch features. One of these is ThemePunch, which provides pro-level visual elements such as sliders and carousels. The Fancybox tool provides lightweight popups to display HTML content and media. Website promotion is powered with the ShareThis plugin, which enables one-button sharing of the website to email, MySpace, Facebook and other socials. What is more, Camo Formal store uses Amazon CloudFront, which guarantees content distribution with the best possible performance. To satisfy diverse payment preferences, the store is integrated with PayPal and supports American Express, MasterCard and Visa payments. Camo FormalMagento store is running on Apache web server.


Magento Audit


Magento development is a complex process of improvement and renewal. To make sure that the system has no pitfalls and that the enhancements can be carried out successfully, development should be preceded by a thorough Magento audit. Conducting a detailed evaluation of a website helps detect technical issues and vulnerabilities and understand what needs to be improved.


During our cooperation with Camo Formal, our main task was to revamp the store’s frontend. Nevertheless, first and foremost the BelVG developers carried out an extensive Magento audit to prepare the ground for productive development. We assessed all spheres of the webstore performance such as loading speed, caching processes, usability and security, and created a detailed report on the bottlenecks and issues. Thanks to the comprehensive audit, we got a clear understanding of all the necessary enhancements.


Magento Development


Magento is a flexible solution, appropriate for businesses of different scale. One of its major advantages is customization possibilities such as custom theme development and third-party integrations. Magento is highly scalable and the only limit to the number of products is the size of your server. Therefore, taking full benefit from Magento potential can boost conversion rate and help gain advantages over competitors. Moreover, it is crucial to constantly improve both frontend and backend to keep up with cutting-edge features on the market.


One of the major tasks in the Camo Formal project was frontend development. The company wanted their store to look modern with the help of unique web design in accordance with best ecommerce practices. With extensive experience in Magento frontend development, the BelVG developers understood how to combine remarkable design, usability and SEO-friendliness to enhance website appearance. With a revamped website frontend, Camo Formal can be sure that their store provides a pleasant shopping experience for their clients.


Magento Support


No matter how many products a store has, merchants shouldn’t neglect high-quality Magento support. With a reliable support team, you can be sure that your store is safe and sound since most of the problems can be detected before they lead to downtimes. However, even if unexpected issues happen, they will be promptly solved without any harm to customer satisfaction.


The BelVG team provides top-notch Magento support services to make sure our clients’ stores are not vulnerable to frontend or backend issues or cyber-attacks. Camo Formal relied on BelVG to protect their store from customer loss because of any technical issues. We regularly monitor website health, check loading speed, and provide expert technical support, so that the store can be safe from any kind of unexpected software issues.


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