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Bottleworld is a German online store of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks distributed throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.The brand was founded in 2003 and three years later, online shopping became available for Bottleworld’s clientele. Their wide product selection includes both classic alcoholic drinks and more unique products from exclusive champagnes, gin, rum and vodka to exquisite fruit brandies and liqueurs to meet the tastes of the most picky customers. The company expands its range to include non-alcoholic drinks such as ice tea, syrups, tonic water, energy drinks and alcohol-free beers. Bottleworld is always ready to cooperate with restaurants and event planning agencies, offering wholesalers special discount partnership programs.


BelVG experienced software engineers provided excellent Magento audit, integration and support services for BottleWorld. We successfully added PayPal integration to improve payments, CleverReach tool for email marketing and Facebook Pixel for collecting data and tracking conversions. The BottleWorld website also uses Infer to win more clients and DoubleClick to efficiently organize ad stacks. Besides, AddThis ecommerce tool is implemented to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales.


Magento Audit


Working on a project that had been already started by another development team may be a real challenge. First of all we performed a comprehensive webstore audit that provided a clear picture of what had been done already and what was to be done. As soon as we evaluated the BottleWorld Magento webstore and looked inside the code, it became clear to us what actions we needed to take to create an online shop that would meet all the client’s requirements.


The company uses Infer cloud-based application to win more customers and get grasp of the hottest leads, uncover hidden opportunities and high-potential prospects thanks to the historical data from CRM apps, as well as from hundreds of external signals from the web that determine which leads are most likely to convert. With the DoubleClick instrument the merchants can organize ad stacks easily and for retargeting-based advertising Google Remarketing tool is used.


Magento Support & Maintenance


No matter how young and effective the webstore is, top-level support is what every ecommerce website needs. Big or small, time-consuming or one-click, there are always some tasks that should be done to provide customers with the best service possible. As BelVG started the project from halfway along, support and tweaks were a significant part of our work.


During our cooperation we fixed all the issues related to coding that were done before and we added new functionality when needed. The development team also paid a lot of attention to installed extensions to avoid conflicts between them. Thanks to Facebook widget the customers can easily access Facebook social network. The AddThis ecommerce tool is implemented to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase sales, capture leads, and to effectively segment the audience to drive more customer engagement.


Magento Integration


Every modern webstore is a complicated mechanism, that should be correctly inbuilt into the company’s business strategy. Magento is a flexible platform that helps in growing your business and can be modified and scaled easily. Multiple available extensions and integrations allow high-quality customization of the online store and it is possible to add any feature that is requested to improve the website in all aspects of business, such as delivery system, sales, marketing and anything else.


For BottleWorld we managed various integrations in different spheres. For instance, PayPal to improve payments, CleverReach for email marketing and Facebook Pixel advertising tool for collecting data and tracking conversions from Facebook ads.

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Review - BottleWorld

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