Blaha Gartenmöbel is an exterior furniture and accessories retailer based in Korneuburg (20 km to Vienna), Austria. This is the largest garden furniture store in Europe. Started business more than 50 years ago with brightly colored garden furniture selling, today they have a wide range of products. In their brick-and-mortar store area 10 000 m2 you can find outdoor lounge furniture, dining tables, patio sets and umbrellas both for houses and restaurants.

  • Magento 2
  • 8Months
  • 4Developers

Mobile responsive

Mobile devices today play important role in traffic generation. That’s why special attention was given to the mobile version of the website. It is properly reflected on every device and complies with the latest design trends.

Blaha_Gartenmöbel_mob_1 Blaha_Gartenmöbel_mob_2 Blaha_Gartenmöbel_mob_3


Blaha Gartenmöbel had a simple business card website based on PHP, that became insufficient over time. When the company decided to gained ground and develop business, they contact us to create a high-performing ecommerce website. The new website was intended to use like catalog and a new sales channel.

Also, the company uses Microsoft Axapta to control products, orders and customers in their physical store. The main feature of the webstore development was Axapta integration to the website.


Initially, Blaha Gartenmöbel tried to develop WooCommerce webstore. But since it is not a flexible platform, it was difficult to integrate Axapta. That’s why we suggested Magento 2 as the best solution.

We designed a Homepage with a few main blocks:

  • a slider;
  • a block with new products, best sellers and sales;
  • a Newsletter subscription;
  • an “About company” block.

We created an understandable easy structured catalog. All products are divided into eight main groups, every with each subcategory. To facilitate customer’s search we installed a filter. By clicking the “Filter” button, a filter block appears above products and gives an opportunity to select them according to color, material, price and other criteria.

We also added a possibility to compare products and create wishlists.

Product page
The Product page was designed to be as informative as possible. A detailed description along with a large size image and reviews assist in that. A process of adding to cart is extremely simple, a popup message suggests customer whether proceed to checkout or continue shopping.

A customer can also share product in one of the four social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

The Checkout page has a special design with no-distractions, even a footer was removed. There are four blocks to complete: shipping address, type of delivery, payment method and order details. All information is confidential. The purchase is finished by clicking the “Buy now” button.

To calculate the delivery cost we customized special extension. It is based on the distance between warehouse and shipping address and takes into account on what bank of the Danube is the customer.

Back end
While front end developer and designer were busy customizing webstore’s theme, back end developer dealt with installation and configuration of extensions. Altogether, we installed 76 extensions, 54 of them were specially designed.

It was a great experience for us to work with Blaha Gartenmöbel. This project is one of the best examples of Magento development using agile methodologies. And it is also a great example of client being actively involved in webstore development. Today we continue our collaboration and implement maintenance of their online shop.