Magento 2 Support for Better Batt

A wide selection of batteries in Australia

The Better Batt is an Australian company that provides a wide selection of batteries, battery grips, camera chargers, printer ink, printer toners. The main motto of them is that technology should make our lives easier, not make us less human. That’s why Better Batt offers fantastic customer service experience, powered by real people.


Better Batt relied on BelVG to upgrade and support their Magento store. The company wanted to improve the website performance and eliminate bugs and issues to provide their customers with the best shopping experience. First and foremost, we carried out Magento backend and frontend audit and provided our advice regarding the adjustments that should be made. Today, the store is enhanced with cutting-edge solutions, including Hubspot integration for marketing information and the Inspectlet Audience Measurement tool to record and monitor everything your visitors do. New Relic dashboard is implemented to keep an eye on application health and availability while monitoring real user experience. The website has Authorize.Net payment gateway and Braintree Payments Processor to streamline financial transactions. Besides, CardinalCommerce is a solution that authenticates digital payments. Mailgun set of APIs allows the merchants to send, receive, track and store emails and Sendgrid cloud-based email infrastructure provides businesses with email delivery management.


Magento Frontend Audit


Our BelVG experienced Magento software developers conducted a comprehensive frontend audit for Better Batt and suggested recommendations that helped them upgrade the performance. Proper frontend development is extremely important for a Magento-based online store, as it ensures an appealing appearance and user-friendly interface that attracts new customers and lures them into more purchases.


For an ecommerce website each element of the Magento platform plays a significant role. Not only website code inspection, but also frontend was carefully reviewed. Adjustments made after the audit allowed the company to improve the ranking and boost conversions.


Magento Backend Audit


A thorough Magento backend audit is required to reveal the areas in the Magento platform that need attention. It will help you to get a fresh view of your website functioning, as well as to find new ways to improve it. Our high-profile developers made evaluation of the code and reviewed it in more detail.


Afterwards, we understood all the bottlenecks that undermine the functioning of the online store and delivered specific technical advice on how to solve the issues. It helped to make the website more efficient and stable.


Magento 2 Support


Ecommerce market is extremely competitive now and it’s necessary to constantly monitor your website performance and update your store when needed. Magento is known to be a really powerful platform abundant with opportunities for expansion enabling new functions for your online shop. Plenty of various integrations are available to enhance your webstore and make it more convenient for the customer, and professional Magento support is necessary if you aspire to get the most efficient shop possible.


Timely support by the experienced Magento certified developers ensures that your website will receive the most up-to-date security patches and all the upgrades vital for perfect operation. The support services are extremely helpful to keep your online shop secure and stable according to the latest ecommerce best practices.


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