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Branded clothing for leisure wear and casual business attire

BEBASIC.CH is a family-run web store selling clothing and accessories for adults in Switzerland. Since its foundation in 2009, the retailer has been striving to bring the best customer experience by providing clothing and accessories of any size for men and women supplied by well-known brands such as Levi’s, Diesel, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, etc. The founders and present owners Eva and Guido Weltert control every stage of the overall process themselves: everything from design procurement to logistics so that they can build more longer-lasting customer relationships. Providing free and fast shipping within Switzerland the company also has its own warehouse located in Zurich that is available for offline shopping.


BEBASIC.CH asked the BelVG team to help them with their website development. First of all, frontend development services for Oxid ecommerce platform were carried out. Then, we created a renewed theme for the platform and performed mobile optimization. Afterwards, top-notch support and maintenance services were provided. DoubleClick helps the merchants organize ad stacks and with SALESmanago automatic cross selling is possible. Thanks to Google Remarketing it is possible to retarget the clients.


Ecommerce Development


Ecommerce is an undeniable part of any economy. It is a great opportunity for everyone to start a business. The BEBASIC online store was conceived with this idea in mind. Having made this decision, the main task for BEBASIC was to choose an appropriate ecommerce system. After making the research, it was decided to launch a website on the Oxid ecommerce platform. This solution was selected as the best one to fit their ongoing business needs.


When it comes to the webstore updates, BelVG helped BEBASIC with the frontend part of this process. With the help of WAI-ARIA, Web content and Web applications are made more accessible to people with disabilities due to advanced user interface control. With the DoubleClick instrument merchants can organize ad stacks easily. The ecommerce website is multilingual and supports German, English and French languages.


Ecommerce Website Design


BEBASIC wasn’t satisfied with their initial design. Being a retailer of modern casual clothes, they wanted their webstore to represent that particular philosophy. BEBASIC were looking for a solution that would be flexible, easy-to-use and understandable at the same time. Their aspiration was to make it responsive and optimized for the latest requirements of the search engines as well.


Assessing carefully all the client’s requests, BelVG created a renewed theme for Oxid ecommerce platform using the best design practices. Special attention was paid to the mobile optimization of the theme. Specifically for retargeting-based advertising Google Remarketing tool is used.


Ongoing Ecommerce Support & Maintenance


Creating a webstore is only the beginning. After all the development tasks are completed and the webstore goes live, the main requirement for a great performance is to provide high-level support and maintenance to the online shop. BelVG worked with BEBASIC to help them in solving all the ongoing frontend tasks. The considerable experience in website development gave our team an opportunity to solve the emerging issues as fast as possible and prevent the occurrence of any new complications.


The online store implements SALESmanago marketing automation software. It performs automatic cross selling actions for different segments of customers or can make programs that activate the customers that have already used their services. With Google Conversion Tracking merchants can see what happens after customers click your ad, for example, whether they purchased the product, called from a mobile phone, etc.

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