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A webshop for those who like beards is a Swedish online shop offering a wide selection of beard, moustache and men’s hair care goods as well as shaving accessories. The company was founded in 2014 and since then, it has been rapidly evolving to deliver the best shopping experience with its constantly increasing product range. While visiting, one can find numerous shaving brushes, foams, oils together with men’s body care and stylish apparel for bearded men. also retails various shaving tools and devices. To contribute to shaving as an art, the company actively participates in World Beard Day setting high standards of beard styles.


Beardshop asked the BelVG team of mature developers to help enhance the functionality of their ecommerce website. First and foremost, high-quality Magento development services were carried out. We moved the store to a more powerful server. Then, we refreshed its design and introduced various frontend and backend improvements. The website uses the OWL Carousel widget that enhances browsing experience. In addition, Mandrill service analyzes email messages performance. AddThis tool reduces shopping cart abandonment and DoubleClick organizes ad stacks.


Magento Development


Magento is a powerful instrument for ecommerce development. It provides merchants with lots of ready-to-use solutions to create a unique and functional webstore. But the performance of an online shop depends not only on the ecommerce platform itself. Server and hosting also play an important role in website optimization. Thus, to improve their webstore, Beardshop decided to move to a new more productive server.


To do its utmost in the store optimization, BelVG upgraded it to the latest Magento version available at that moment and deleted all the obsolete extensions that were no longer necessary for Beardshop. With OWL Carousel the sellers can create a responsive fully customisable slider and AddThis reduces shopping cart abandonment and boosts sales.


Magento Web Design


The technical perfection of the webstore should comply with its modern interface. Not a single customer will continue shopping when seeing an old-fashioned ecommerce site. There are dozens of beautiful templates for Magento stores. Every merchant can find what they are looking for depending on the needs of their webstore. Changing the theme of the webstore and customizing it is the easiest way to refresh the design.


Beardshop shared their requirements with us and chose one of the themes that we selected for them. Frontend developers customized the chosen template to make it unique and compatible with the client’s general idea of how the webstore should look. Besides, Google AdWords is implemented to display advertisements, product listings or videos to web users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines and on non-search websites, mobile apps, videos, etc.


Magento Support & Maintenance


The webstore development is very important, but it is only the first step to a successful ecommerce. For the online store to keep working well it is detrimental to keep an eye on its performance on a daily basis. During the cooperation with Beardshop, BelVG implemented tons of different backend and frontend features of various scales to improve the webstore and to add functionality that the client wanted.


Mandrill email infrastructure service is used on the website for detailed analytics to gain insight on email messages performance. With Modernizr it is possible to target specific browser functionality in the stylesheet. Managing webstore security is also a significant part of the support, so BelVG and Beardshop continue their collaboration to make the webstore even better.

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