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As a pioneering automobile parts store, AWE provides a wide range of top-class products, from award-winning handcrafted performance exhausts to track-tested carbon fiber intakes and performance intercoolers. Since 1991, AWE’s professional team of researchers, engineers and drivers has been creating premium performance upgrades for finest automobiles in the world. The company designs, manufactures and distributes their goods around the world, selling them online, through their network of dealers from their headquarters outside Philadelphia.


When we started to partner with AWE, the main goal was to enhance their online presence with the help of a high-performance Magento store. Today, their store is powered with a few top-notch features such as robust integrations and bespoke web design. The store is built with React, which is an advanced JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Moreover, it uses the Prototype development framework, which simplifies the development of dynamic web applications and streamlines DOM manipulations. The Fancybox facilitates interaction with users with the help of Mac-style “lightboxes”, which display images, HTML content and multimedia. Besides, AWE’s store is integrated with DoubleClick, which is a digital advertising instrument that helps organize ad stacks and sell products online more efficiently. As for hosting and server, the store uses Liquid Web hosting and the Apache web server.


Magento Integration


Magento is an open-source system that can be adapted to any type of business. It is powerful, highly customizable and scalable for companies of different sizes. One of Magento’s key possibilities are integrations that can extend functionality, add sophisticated UI elements or cover multiple workflow challenges.


Cooperating with AWE, one of the main tasks was Magento customization with the help of advanced Magento integrations. The company wanted to streamline the team’s workflow and improve interactions with customers. To achieve these goals, AWE’s store was integrated with a few pioneering solutions, one of which was the Fancybox tool. It allows the merchants to display images, HTML elements and media in lightweight pop-ups that can be customized with CSS. What is more, the company has the Doubleclick tool which is used for better digital advertising and ad stacks management. Thanks to the robust integrations, AWE can successfully deal with everyday challenges and attract more customers.


Magento Server configuration


Setting up a Magento store properly is extremely important for successful ecommerce. For this purpose, choosing an appropriate server is one of the major tasks. A server has to meet all the business requirements, combine power and high level of reliability. Server capacity should correspond to business volumes. Moreover, a server has to meet the technology stack requirements for best performance.


The server of high quality is a guarantee of stable Magento performance, which was important in the AWE project. The Apache web server was a perfect solution, since it is fully supported by Magento. For correct Magento functioning and best speed results, we had to carry out Magento server configuration. The BelVG developers installed necessary system extensions, adjusted content compression settings and customized caching settings to ensure high-level performance.


Magento Design


The first thing that customers notice when they visit a website is web design. Intuitive navigation, good-looking components and a user-friendly interface ensure a pleasant shopping experience. Moreover, bespoke web design helps to build brand identity and make your business stand out from your competitors.


AWE wanted their store to be designed according to the best Magento web design practices. With profound expertise in Magento frontend development, the BelVG team knows how to apply state-of-the-art web design in order to provide an elaborate website appearance. During the development, our main focus was both appealing web design and intuitive navigation. SEO-friendly markup was one of the key points, as well. Thanks to the unique well-thought web design, AWE’s Magento store has a fresh appearance, which guarantees more customer satisfaction.


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