Direct Fabrics

Direct Fabrics is a family business that manufactures,
supplies and installs soft furnishings, blinds and curtains
across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Step 1

Data backup

First of all, we made a backup of Magento 1 with all the modules and current data.

Step 2

Development environment

Then we created a development environment for a new Magento 2 store for further work, and staging server for the client.

Step 3

Data migration

We migrated all data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 including all the details about products, customers, invoices, quotes, orders and settings.

Step 4

Server and web hosting

Following the best DevOps practices, we chose the server and web hosting in accordance with the security, convenience and speed requirements and performed server configuration.


85 Modules to Migrate to Magento 2


We scheduled regular meetings with the client to maintain close cooperation and make sure the development process is in line with the goals. A special attention was devoted to the modules that enhance functionality of the website.


We worked with more than 85 modules and defined which of them are important and which are not required for the website operation. Here is the result:


  • 35 modules were defined as useful and migrated to Magento 2;
  • 45 modules on the website were excessive since their functionality was unnecessary for Direct-Fabrics. We removed them without migration, thus saving the client’s money;
  • 5 modules were developed from scratch specially for Magento 2 platform.

Data Reimport during Migration


The company’s Magento 1 shop was operating till the Magento 2 store launch, so we had to ensure constant data reimport to keep all the data in the new shop up-to-date.


Constant data reimport of:


  • Order numbers;
  • Custom options;
  • Filter configuration for layered navigation;
  • Email templates for orders;
  • Invoices
  • Quotes;
  • Taxes for different locations;
  • Widgets’ content for top of category pages.

Migration Results

Direct-Fabrics got a new Magento 2 website with enhanced functionality and better performance in comparison with their old Magento 1 website.


All the modules of excessive or unneeded functionality were removed. All the necessary ones were successfully migrated or rebuilt from scratch for Magento 2.

The issues that popped up after the migration were successfully handled, including those with SEO, JS widgets and compatibility.


No data was lost during the migration due to the custom script responsible for constant data reimport.

Single Admin Panel for WordPress-based Case Studies and Magento 2 Store


Case studies on the website were based on WordPress. We worked on features that allowed to keep using WordPress for editing case studies on the Category pages of a new Magento 2 webstore.


With the help of our widget, it is possible to manage case studies and webstore using one dashboard and assign certain blogs to Category pages as well.


Potential buyers are able to learn more about Direct-Fabrics’ projects and how they addressed challenges. Each case study is accompanied with relevant pictures which help to assess the work and custom solutions that were made specifically for the unique client’s needs.


Custom Curtain Configurator


Our team created a Custom Curtain Configurator for Direct-Fabrics’ new Magento 2 website. It allows customers to calculate the price of the curtains they need based on the number of variables.


For example, to find out what is the definite price for the curtains, a user has to fill in several fields.


Users can estimate how much each detail would cost and, if needed, select other options in order to compare or choose the most suitable one. Due to precise calculations, it is easier for the manufacturer to carry out production of curtains according to the client’s taste.


How does the Custom Curtain Configurator work?

Step 1


To begin the configuration process, the customer needs to select the unit of length in the metric system (cm) or in the American’s customary system of measurement (inches). There is an option that allows converting the selected sizes from cm to in and vice versa automatically.

Step 2


To proceed, the user enters the width of the curtain track and the finish length for the curtains, followed by the required color pattern, which can be selected in the drop-down menu, available for each product on the website.

Step 3


Another feature that the customers can use in the Configurator is specification of the exact location of the curtains on a window. For example, it can be a “lounge left window”, which affects the characteristics of the appropriate material and accessories that may be needed.

Step 4


Then, the shoppers can choose the number of curtains they are interested in – be it either a single curtain or a pair of curtains.

Step 5


To complete the estimation, they need to select the heading style and lining from the options in the drop-down menu.

Step 6


According to their taste preferences, the buyers can specify if they need a pair of matching tiebacks to go with their curtains.

Custom Fabric Calculator


We migrated a unique Fabric Calculator tool, which allows precise calculation of the amount of curtain fabric taking into account several important values that affect the dimensions of the final product.


  1. To calculate the necessary amount of fabric, website users have to enter the pole or track width.
  2. To proceed, customers need to enter the length of curtain drop.
  3. Afterwards, they have to fill in the fields with a vertical pattern repeat of fabric.
  4. To select the fabric width they are interested in, users enter the appropriate numbers.
  5. The final touch is to select a required fabric fullness from a drop-down menu.


Thanks to our Custom Calculator, customers receive an accurate result which tells the total amount of fabric required in both meters and centimeters. The users automatically get advice on how much material would be used for their needs, and can experiment with various lengths and widths to choose the best option.





To increase loading speed and make the website more efficient in terms of resources usage and enhance its performance we carried out Frontend optimization and added Lazy loading for images. Afterwards, we solved the error in the Cart2quote Extension. As a result, the website became faster which improved the shopping experience of the Direct-Fabrics’ visitors.



Our developers reactivated Mirasvit SEO Suite Ultimate extension which is a powerful search optimization package. Then, we activated the Litespeed cache acceleration plugin that drastically reduced page load times and installed Yoast Extension which offers live analytics to control how well Category, Product, and CMS pages are organized, to manage redirects from the deleted pages and avoid 404 errors.



Direct-Fabrics aspired to get a website with the modern and clever design yet in compliance with their brand look. First of all, we worked on the logo and favicon for the webshop to make them more appealing for users.


Then we created design prototypes for website pages, implemented more relevant fonts and tended to header with Quick Quote button, Footer elements and separate design for Home page, Search page and Checkout page.


Close attention was paid to order email templates, blog and Custom Calculator design. The website was made user-friendly and mobile responsive.


Product page


We made a number of adjustments in the Product page. Our developers added the attribute called Product icons at the top of product description and rendered it at the Product page so that the website manager could create a bulk layout to the descriptions quickly and add icons and text to all products.


Then, we placed Link Option Tool Tips to static blocks for pop ups in the place preferred by the website manager, carried out design changes where needed and removed unnecessary info blocks. Besides, we worked with Attachments Tab inside Spec Itoris extension that displayed a section inside the attributes on the Product page and changed the way how the files are displayed there.


Category Page


Our Magento developer added tabs in the FAQ section to make the FAQ category look better with the grey background according to the design provided by the client. Then, we customized the Category titles and created a new field named Category Heading Title and made Quick Quote form for Categories selectable.


Shipping & Delivery


We created the module for delivery with the same functionality as on Magento 1 website and adjusted the styles as required by the customer.


Besides, our developers worked on Adapt Amasty Dropshipping Extension and assigned dropshipping users to particular products so orders cannot be missent to the customers.


What is more, we added the options that allow selecting products and attaching the dropshipping user along with the possibility to add dealers from the Product grid and Product page.




We added a static block with Payment Icons identifier into the theme and fixed minor bugs in the payment blocks. At the moment, there are several payment gateways on the website that the purchasers can use: PayPal, SagePay, Maestro, MasterCard and Bacs Payment.


Extensive development was performed in order to make the purchasing process quick and easy thus facilitating effortless shopping experience and increasing customer satisfaction.


Admin panel


In order to make the Admin panel simple and user-friendly, we removed the unused items from the menu such as Magearray, Manage Stock, and Manage Sources.


Then, as per request of Direct-Fabrics, we added the column to the product grid, thanks to which the title of the formula near a product appears in the catalog grid.


Marketing Instruments


Trustpilot integration

We installed and configured Trustpilot integration to allow Direct-Fabrics share the reviews left by their customers, on the website.


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager was set up for conversion tracking, site analytics and remarketing.


Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel analytics tool was added to allow the company to measure the effectiveness of their advertising.


Sign up for Newsletter

Now the users can also find Sign up for Newsletter.



LiveChat options facilitate real-time communication with the customers.



We migrated the Direct-Fabrics website from Magento 1 to Magento 2.


The website manager can currently edit and publish case studies to Category pages using WordPress CMS without leaving Magento store dashboard.


We created Custom Curtain Configurator and Custom Fabric Calculator to provide this business with unique for their industry and location tools.

We optimized speed and SEO, enhanced the store with design and marketing solutions, improved navigation, Add to Cart option and Catalog page.


We also provided support services, resolved a number of technical issues.


Direct-Fabrics got a modern Magento 2 ecommerce website full of custom features, ready to attract new users and convert them into loyal buyers.


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