Custom Checkout for Tour Booking in Magento 2 for Argentina4u

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It’s difficult to imagine life without traveling. Today, people travel to escape from the usual lifestyle, experience unforgettable emotions, learn the culture and traditions of other peoples living on our big planet. Argentina4u is a leading company that provides online booking of tours in South America. It gives an opportunity to learn the amazing local flavor of these lands. The company helps to see the most incredible places and attractions, and try unbelievable activities.


In an effort to meet the customers’ needs, the company turned to BelVG to improve their website. We have developed a custom checkout solution for tour booking within the Argentina4u’s project. As a result, the site offers a simple and convenient booking, including various payment gateways. The booking process is efficient, without unnecessary forms, pages and user’s moves. Another advantage of the checkout is the tooltips, explaining why the client should enter certain data. It also has information about ensuring personal data security. In addition to effective checkout, the site contains a number of useful features, such as Facebook Pixel integration and MailChimp integration, Zopim live chat widget, Zendesk embeddables and Magnific popup. Our team also integrated the Bluesnap payment gateway for this webstore.


Custom Magento 2 Checkout


Research shows that checkout affects the consumer’s perception of a brand. The convenience of the checkout process determines whether the customer will purchase the product and whether the buyer will continue to cooperate with you. In order not to lose potential clients, Argentina4u resorted to the help of BelVG in the creation of the Magento 2 custom checkout. Together, we came up with an efficient and user-oriented checkout page. It combines such crucial components as convenience, functionality, security and modern design.


The сheckout system in Magento 2 is quite complex, especially when it comes to customization but the BelVG developers are well aware of all the important aspects. If you are interested in high conversion rate, the online store’s checkout page should be as clear and user-friendly as possible. Proper checkout development will significantly reduce the number of customer rejections. BelVG takes into account all crucial factors to ultimately create a checkout page that will encourage a client to complete the order process and make a purchase.


Magento Integrations


Magento is a multi-functional solution for e-Commerce, which allows to fully manage the appearance, content and functionality of an online store. To further expand the horizons of the online business and maximize its potential, Argentina4u decided to use Magento integrations. One of the most popular and useful features chosen by the company is MailChimp. Mailchimp is a reliable web marketing platform for organizing mailings. It provides timely information to customers about new products and special offers, and stimulates the audience involvement, which has a positive effect on the revenue.


Online trading is an extremely dynamic market that needs to be constantly monitored. Every day there are new trends in the sale of goods and services. To keep up with the rapid development of e-сommerce, online business owners need to use a variety of advanced technical solutions, innovations and integrations. BelVG will be a great partner on this challenging growth path.


Magento Upgrade

Argentina4u is constantly striving for improvement and innovation. As a part of our cooperation, we upgraded Argentina4u website to the latest Magento version. The new version offers advanced features and improved performance. Moreover, new versions of the system fix the shortcomings of the previous ones, strengthen and update security measures. New enhancements will allow you to create more effective projects, implement larger plans and achieve higher results.


The talented BelVG team will always keep your site in a stable, reliable and secure state. Together, we will achieve high performance and open up new opportunities. We are focused on productive and mutually beneficial cooperation. The ultimate improvement of a client’s website is our primary goal and an indicator of our services quality.


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